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They played on my nerves and took a lot of time! They made two adjustments and only the third time they got something more or less, but it still wasn't the same...


these guys CAN make a translation in one hour as their name says… but god it will be LITTERED with mistakes. spent more time fixing them than they did doing it >:(


I liked the way you guys work and update your clients. It's a good stuff


I got my translation within an hour


Got my certificate delivered 2 days before deadline


Just needed a general translation on an Italian journal paper I bought. I was told it had the answers to my school project so I needed it translated to English. Sadly, I hired a translator here and he did a poor job. It is unfortunate I chose this site out of all the options Google gave. i just wasted my money

Lu Perez

Mediocre at best


Their customer support really helped me, but the translation was lame

Vic Scott

it took them AGES to respond to me and translate the text I asked them too

Sam Calagan

Not too bad… considering the short time I gave you guys, I think y'all did OK.

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