~ User Reviews

very unsatisfied by the quality here. if only they were fast to compensate for that but NO! The only reason to use this service is the low price and the basis they translate for you. just be ready to fix A LOT of stuff on your own!!!!

Sheikh Bateman

I gave them a trial and they disappointed me greatly. I can't even use them if they offered me a free service tbh


I expected some degree of professionalism in their dealings but I didn’t find it. their translations were also error-filled


You will only end up wasting your time if you hire them tbh. They can't translate nothing.


Their translation had a lot of flaws, I couldn't submit it

Rick White

My order was delivered timely but had some major mistakes that even my untrained eye could easily pick up. I contacted them and asked them to fix the issues, which they did, but I lost my trust in them and definitely WiLL NOT order again.

Caroline Adams

Their cervices were quite affordable but the overall quality left me wondering if I should have just tackled the task myself...honestly quite disappointed and expected a better job from someone who claims to be a "professional".