Customer Satisfaction

In order to earn a spot on our top 5 list for customer satisfaction, a translation firm must meet several criteria. First, they must be highly ranked across several translation reviews. First, our professional reviewers must rank them highly overall, in addition to ranking them highly in the area of customer satisfaction.

Finally, the most important factors in this category are customer reviews and feedback. All of the translation service providers that are included on this list are highly ranked by translation consumers. If customer satisfaction is an important criterion for you, we strongly suggest you take a close look at them.

Thanks to trusted translations reviews from customers like you along with insights from professional reviewers, you can rely on the five translation companies listed above for top quality customer service. As always, if you have feedback to give on any translation service that you believe provides excellent customer satisfaction, we invite you to write a review.

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Certified Translation

When customers need immigration papers, legal documents, adoption papers, and other items translated those papers must often be certified. In addition to this, there are also government agencies around the world that will not recognize a translated document as being valid without certification.

The top 5 translation services on our list of certified translation providers must meet several criteria. First, they must be ranked as one of the best document translation services overall. Then, they must also offer certified translations in a wide variety of languages and industries.

If you are in need of certified translations, we highly recommend looking at these services first. They have earned top position in our certified translation professional reviews for good reason.

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Translation Accuracy

There are times when nothing matters more to a translation customer than finding the most accurate translation website. Accurate language translation is especially important when translating documents that relate to health, safety, and the law. To help customers who have prioritized accuracy, we have created this top five list of companies who have proven their translations are reliably accurate.

As always, in order to qualify for this list, translation services must be highly ranked overall. Then, in addition to that, our professional reviewers carefully examine translated documents with native speakers and industry experts. The companies listed below provide accurate translations.

Customers seeking an accurate translation online will be best served by seriously considering the translation providers on this list. All have been ranked very high in terms of quality and accuracy.

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Imagine traveling to a foreign country and then learning that you cannot travel to your next destination until one of your visa documents is translated. You only have 24 hours to get this done. You need fast translation services. Of course, this is one of many scenarios where speed is the most important factor. In order to help our audience find fast, reliable translation services, we have created this top five list of companies that have proven their ability to deliver urgent translations on time.

As always, in order to make our top five list for speed, companies must first prove that they can be trusted to provide quality translations time and time again. Then, we look at those companies in terms of their ability to offer fast translations reliably. We base these criteria on both customer reviews and the experiences of IsAccurate staff reviewers. 

We highly encourage anyone who needs a translation quickly considers one of the five services listed here. We believe each has proven itself able to provide quality translations within a short period of time.

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As we began building this website, we quickly learned that translation services rates can vary widely. We also learned that for many customers, pricing is a key consideration when looking for a translation provider. Because of this, we have created this category to highlight companies that offer the best translation rates.

In order to qualify for a position in our top five list of best-priced translation services, companies must first be highly ranked as a translation services overall. Then, we take the top five companies who offer the lowest prices in addition to providing great customer service and quality. This is done through price comparisons for similar services.

We understand that as individual consumers, people have limited budgets to spend on translation services. It is for this reason that we have provided this curated list. We believe the services here provide excellent translations at very reasonable rates.

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