Software Localization Services

Software Localization Services

When software is developed for use, in the U.S. for example, it is developed for an English-speaking audience. And if it is good and of unique value, it will probably generate attraction and sales. If it is really good, though, there are probably foreign markets into which you should delve. For this, you will need software translation services that will include the right localization.

Based on our criteria for software localization, we have rated translation agencies and urge our users to carefully review our evaluations.

Our Top Five Picks for Software Localization Services

We have evaluated a number of translation agencies for this specific service, and certainly, there are many that do an adequate job. But five have stood out and are at the top of our list.

Service Description Pricing Ranking Visit site
The Word Point This agency is well-known for its expertise in software, app, and gaming translations and localization. It uses human engineers and developers (as necessary) and natives of all target languages/regions/countries for expert localization. The quality of products is confirmed by consistent client feedback on the successes of their software and app marketability and sales in foreign markets. $0.10 per word 5.0 Visit site
Stepes One of the features of this agency that has stood out is its verification process, once software, apps, or games have been translated and localized. Of course, it uses expert developers and natives of the target language to translate and localize. Beyond that, however, it tests its final product, validating linguistics, cosmetics and functions before it considers its work complete. $0.09 per word 4.1 Visit site
Morningside Translations Morningside Translations has been in business for 19 years and understands the need for fully polished versions of software and apps when translated and localized. They have an in-house team of experts for both tasks and will work with the original designer to ensure perfection. Customers obviously love what they do – feedback from various review sites, as well as on their social media pages is overwhelmingly positive. $45 per page 3.9 Visit site
Global Vision Global Vision has been around since 1996 and has accumulated a large group of language and industry-related experts for work in over 100 languages. Most of these experts work remotely, as natives in the target-language countries. Each order is assigned to a project manager who puts together the right team for software translation (as necessary) and full localization. Customer satisfaction is at high levels. $0.10 per word 3.5 Visit site
TransPerfect With over 25 years in the translation/localization industry, and it has a solid “handle” on both the linguistic and non-linguistic challenges of translating and localizing software. Once an order for software/app has been completed, it is fully tested by natives of the target language for great user experience. Any minor kinks or bugs are corrected, and the end result is a perfect product. We especially like the attention to detail, as do their customers. $0.25 per word 3.2 Visit site

There is translation and there is localization. Today, much of software that is developed has within it the wherewithal to “translate” that software into foreign languages. Developers plan for this, so that software and app translation services may not be as complex as they have been in the past. Software and app localization services, though, are quite different. These include “housekeeping matters,” such as localizing currency, dates, measurements, but they also include refining language, visuals, and even graphic designs that will be both appealing and appropriate for a foreign audience. The final product of localization should look and feel as if it were actually developed for that foreign audience. 

Is Accurate wants to see not just a good software, app, or mobile translation service. We want to see that the company takes localization very seriously so that its clients get an end product that positively resonates in foreign markets. To this end, we evaluate not just standard translation, but the use of developers and localizers who are native to the target foreign audiences and who can make the modifications that will make that software both usable and culturally appropriate.

Obviously, there are many translation services online that do a fine job in the area of software translation and localization, and we will continue to investigate their services and provide reviews so that our readers can make the best decisions for their needs. We urge our visitors to read the full reviews on the companies we have already evaluated.