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Legal translations can be complex and quite risky. Why? Because these are judicial documents that carry the weight of law in both the home country and in the target country. And so, any legal translation agency must be very certain that it has top-notch translators, who are not only natives of the target country, but who are highly experienced in legal terminology (and the nuances of that terminology) of both the country of origin and that target country. This requires a legal background and expertise, as well as the ability to ensure accuracy in the translation itself.

Based on our categories/criteria for evaluation of translation services, and certainly, upon the reviews, comments, and feedback from actual customers of legal translations, we have scored legal document translation services, so that anyone seeking those services can pick the best.

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The Word Point One of the most important factors in evaluating a legal translation company is its process for recruiting and hiring translators in that specific niche. We are impressed with the process used by The Word Point to employ truly qualified experts in this arena – people with verified legal backgrounds, along with impeccable translation skills in both the source and target languages.
The other thing that impresses us is the way in which The Word Point assigns legal translators to the orders it receives. They carefully look at each legal translator’s background and specific expertise and assign tasks based upon that.
The Word Point has divided legal language translation services into many specific categories – immigration, lawsuits, government regulations, patents, business law, contracts, financial agreements, personal (divorce, custody, support, etc.), and more. We like the fact that the assignment of tasks to specific translators takes their background into account.
We have looked into customer satisfaction with The Word Point’s legal translation services. The feedback we have found is overwhelmingly positive. Translations are accepted in foreign courts and they are delivered on time.
Overall, based upon our investigation and customer satisfaction, we recommend The Word Point for legal translation services, without any reservation.
$0.10 per word 5.0 Visit site
Be Translated Here is a company that has been around since 2002 and has developed a solid reputation for translation services in the languages it includes on its website. Areas of legal translation services include contracts, shareholder agreements, company constitutions, mergers and acquisitions, and all types of international agreements. As well, personal documents, such as wills, divorces, immigration, etc. are covered. 
We are impressed with the professionalism of this company – its commitment to assigning the right translator with a specific background in the client need, to full confidentiality, and to a full review by an additional translation editor prior to a document being delivered to any client.
Customer reviews and feedback on the certified legal translation services of Be Translated are consistently positive. Clients state that their documents, even when reviewed by lawyers in the target country, are accurately translated and have the full force of the judicial systems in that country. Further, they are delivered on time.
$0.12 per word 3.9 Visit site
One Hour Translation The name, “One Hour Translation” is not fully accurate. Yes, there are certain translations that can occur within an hour, but this company, which has been in business for 11 years, engages in a full range of translation services, ranging from simple personal documents to large and complex projects that certainly take more than an hour. 
This company is very specific about the legal translation services it provides, and, as well, provides the names of companies for which it has provided these services. 
The company relies on human translators, all of whom have expertise in their specific areas of legal translations. All are natives of the target countries and have legal backgrounds, either via education or actual experience. 
Clients report high levels of satisfaction with the results of their translations. And those results have meant that their documents are accurately translated and fully accepted by organizations and courts in the target countries.
$0.08 per word 3.7 Visit site
Day Translations When a company like Bank of America uses a translation service, we sit up and take notice, and we want to know more. Our investigation of Day Translations confirms that the company is used not only by many renown enterprises but is also on retainer by a number of law firms whose clients are involved in international business. This alone is a huge recommendation.
The company asserts that it provides a legal translator who is native to the target language, has expertise in the specific area of law required by the client, and is certified to work in the target country judicial system. And given its long list of reputable clients, as well as client reviews and feedback, we are convinced that this is a premier and professional legal translation agency.
$0.12 per word 3.6 Visit site
Rush Translate Rush Translate is another agency with a long and successful history of comprehensive translation services. It relies on human translation, using natives of target languages who also have full fluency in the source language. We also like the fact that a second translator reviews all completed pieces to ensure quality and accuracy. 
In terms of legal translations, Rush Translate is careful in its employment practices, using only those with specific expertise in the laws of target government and judicial systems, as well as terminology. It provides certified affidavits with each translated legal document, guaranteeing truth and accuracy.
Customer feedback, of course, is excellent, and one of the main reasons why this company ranks within our top five.
$24.95 per page 3.5 Visit site

Let’s take a brief look at the challenges of legal translation services in a bit of detail.

  1. Some legal terms in one language do not have an exact equivalent in another language. It is up to the translator to know what is meant by the original legal term and to find an equivalent in the target language. Issues with accurate translations can mean that a document may be inadmissible in a foreign court. For this reason alone, legal language translation services must be rigorous in their screening of anyone they employ for this specialty and be willing to pay a premium for their expertise. 
  2. There is also a tone of voice in legal documentation that varies by country. While in some countries, the tone is extremely formal and complex, in other countries it is not. What amateur legal translators do not understand is that even written translation has a voice tone, and that must be translated as well as just the words.

In the End…

If you have a need for legal translations, do not scrimp on price. These types of translations will be more expensive because of the expertise involved. But you need an experienced translation service when operating within a foreign legal system. Go with the pros that have great reputations.