Privacy Policy

We have worked to create a website that you can use to your own benefit in a variety of ways. For example, you can search for translation services that are rated highest overall, or by different categories such as price. You can submit your own reviews of translation services you have used. We’ve also provided a place for you to ask questions and submit concerns.

Some of the ways that you may use our website can involve your providing personally identifying information to us. Before you do that, please consider reading this document thoroughly. It explains in detail how we use your personal information, how we store it, and how it is kept safe.

This document goes into detail about:

  • Information that we collect and store
  • How that information is used
  • Who has access to that information
  • Protecting the privacy of children
  • Use of cookies from third parties and other technologies
  • Steps we have taken to protect your information
  • Ways that you may access the information on our site
  • Use of our website in countries outside the USA
  • How to contact us with privacy questions or concerns
  • Information specifically for residents or visitors of California
  • Changes to our privacy policy

The Information We Collect

Any time you enter information while on our website, that information is collected and stored. If that includes personal information such as your phone number, user id, email address, first and last name, or password information, then that information is stored as well. If we offer an option to sign into our site using Google, Facebook, or other social media platform we will collect and store the information from your account that you authorize us to access.

In addition to this, we may gather and store information on your preferences. This includes the translation services you have indicated that you have used, and whether or not you like or dislike each one.

You are welcome to opt not to provide information to us, or to limit the information you provide. However, in order to communicate with us, engage in any discussion forums, receive emails, or write reviews, we will need at least some personal information.

In order to protect your privacy, we limit the amount of personal information that we display about you on our website. For example, if you contribute a review, we’ll obscure your last name and potentially identify location information. If we accept other content from you, we will speak with you about how you wish to be identified before publishing that content.

Use of Information by Third Parties

Advertisers, app developers, and other third parties may use cookies, web beacons, and tracking technologies to collect information about your use of this site. Their tracking and collecting of information may include your personal information, behavior on this website, and preferences.

These third parties may communicate with one another about your behavior, personal information, and preferences as well. The information shared may include data collected across multiple websites. It may represent your online activity over a period of time as well. It is common for this information to be used to provide you with targeted advertising and other content they believe will be relevant to you.

How third parties store and track your information is beyond our control. In the event that you have a concern regarding targeted posts, advertisements, or other content on any website you visit, contact the advertiser or content provider directly. You may be able to limit the collection and use of your personal information

Information we Collect From Third Parties

We may obtain information about our users from outside sources. For example, if you click into our website through an advertisement, blog post with an affiliate link, or another third party they may send information about you to us. This information helps us to serve you better.

Automated Collection of Aggregate And Technical Data

When you visit our website, we collect information about your device and your visit. For example we collect your IP address, the time you arrived on our website and when you left, the website you were on when you clicked into our site, and the type of device you use. We collect this information through web beacons, cookies, and other means. When you use a search engine to find our page, we may collect the terms you used.

We collect this information in order to provide you with the best experience possible on our website. For example, if we determine that you are using smartphone, we will present you with web pages that are laid out specifically for mobile devices. If our site displays ads we will use the information we collect to help ensure that you see ads that are relevant to you based upon your preferences and behaviors.

Here is an outline of the technologies we use in order to gather data

Cookies And Flash Cookies: Almost every website you visit uses cookies. They are files that are placed on your computer that help websites to remember your preferences. Your browser settings will allow you to block cookies. Just know that if you do this, your experience on our website will be negatively impacted. If you do not block cookies, we will set them automatically when you visit our web page. We also use flash cookies where information about your preferences and navigation are stored.

Web Beacons: These are small electronic files that are used to count visitors to a page, or track the number of people who have opened an email. By tracking these website statistics we are better able to determine which parts of our website are most useful to our audience, and which email topics are most interesting to our subscribers. We also use this information to determine whether or not our servers and other systems are performing as designed.

We also collect and maintain aggregate data about visitors and contributors to our website. This is non-identifying personal information. It is used strictly for analytical purposes. We use it to understand who is using our website, and the ways in which members of varying demographic groups are using

We only collect personally identifying information from you if you give it to us voluntarily.

Opting Out of Data Tracking And Collection

If you do not want non-identifying data collected, and do not want your online behavior tracked and stored, you can turn on the Do Not Track option in your browser of choice. While we cannot detail how to do that given the wide number of browsers and versions therein, most browsers have a help functionality that will tell you not to do things such as blocking, removing, and disabling cookies.

Use of Your Information

We use your information for a variety of purposes. It is used to communicate with you, to allow you to access parts of our site that are reserved for specific users only, and to publish your reviews and other content.

In addition to this, the reviews or other content our audience members submit to us are used to determine how we rank translation services. In fact, whether or not we publish a user submitted review or testimonial, we reserve the right to use the information in that to influence ratings and scores.

Your information may also be used to resolve disputes, troubleshoot issues, or to follow up with you on any outstanding issues. This may include use by helpdesk or service technicians to identify or solve issues with our website or servers.

Sharing Information

We may share your information with other entities. These may be marketing consultants, advertisers, customer service agencies, or data analytics companies. Your information may also be shared with companies who provide services to us such as information security and fraud prevention. Third parties who have access to your information are contractually obligated to only access information they need to do the work they have been hired to do. All are prohibited from sharing that information with anyone, or for retaining that information once their work has been completed.

If necessary, we may share your information with lawyers, the courts, or law enforcement officials. This will only be done in the event that we have received a court order, subpoena, are protecting ourselves against legal action or claims, or we are doing so in an effort to prevent or limit criminal activity or fraud. If we believe a request or order to share your information will be damaging us in any way, we will utilize all resources available to us to raise legal objections to that.

In the event that IsAccurate is sold or divested, the information that we have stored about our customers will be provided to the purchaser as well as any other individuals or entities that need the information in order to facilitate a transfer of ownership.

Accessing Your Information

If you submit reviews, those become our property. We reserve the right to display those reviews on our site whether or not you choose to remain an active participant here. As mentioned above, published reviews will not contain identifying information about you. We may keep your personal information on private servers. This is for auditing and record keeping purposes.

Options You Can Exercise Regarding Collection of Data About You

First and foremost, providing information to us about yourself is strictly voluntary. You are not obligated to do so. In addition to this, as mentioned above you can alter your browser settings to limit the automated collection of data about yourself, your device, and your online behaviors.

If applicable, you may also opt out of receiving promotional or informative emails, and inform us that you don’t want to identify information provided to third parties beyond sharing that is necessary for us to maintain an operational website.

Protecting Your Information

We are committed to protecting your privacy, and maintaining the integrity of all the data we collect and store. There is no way to provide a complete guarantee of privacy and security. However, we make every effort to come as close as possible.

To that end, we have taken the following steps:

  • Limiting access to information so that only those who need information to do their jobs can access it.
  • Using antivirus software and firewalls
  • Conducting security audits
  • Using data security and IT consultants
  • Physically restricting access to computer systems
  • Employing intrusion detection software to identify unauthorized access
  • Implementing encryption technology in the event that we collect and store particularly sensitive information

Privacy And Children

In order to comply with several laws and statutes relating to the privacy of children, especially those under 13, we have implemented strict policies. First and foremost, our website is designed for a general audience. Our content is generally designed for those over the age of 18. While we allow access to those under the age of 18, we do specifically prohibit children under the age of thirteen from contributing to our site or providing us with personal information.  Should we determine that we have received personal information from someone under the age of 13, such information will be deleted as soon as it is possible to do so. In the event that we believe that information submitted to us about anyone under the age of 13 is done so in an attempt at exploitation, fraud, or other illegal act, we will contact the relevant legal authorities. Anyone who has reason to believe we have collected information on a child under the age of 13 is urged to contact us so that we can rectify the situation immediately.

Non US Visitors

If you opt to visit our site from a country outside of the United States, please know that information about you is going to be stored on servers within the boundaries of the United States. This data will also be transferred, processed, and accessed by the United States as well. Because regulations regarding personal information vary from country to country, we may operate under privacy regulations that are not as strict as your home country. Even if that is the case, you should still be aware that we are vigilant in our efforts to maintain your privacy.

California Residents

There is a civil code in California. Pursuant to section 1798.83 residents of California may request that we disclose information to them about our sharing of their personal information to third parties who use that information for direct marketing. Please contact us if you would like us to provide that information to you.

Changing These Privacy Policies

We may update this privacy policy for any reason without prior notification. We will make a reasonable effort to inform visitors of these changes by placing a temporary message on our website. However, we do not guarantee that notification of these changes will reach all who are impacted by it. We encourage you to review this policy frequently.

Questions Comments And Concerns

If you have any concerns, comments, or questions, please submit those using our contact form.