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Best Website Localization Services

Websites are pretty easily translated if all you want is a literal translation of your text and an upload of your current visuals, graphics, product/service descriptions. Localization, though, is an entirely different matter. And it will make the difference between a website that becomes popular with your international audiences or one that is an “epic fail.” 

We have evaluated and rated numerous translation/localization services. In the area of website localization, these are our top five picks.

Service Description Pricing Ranking Visit site
The Word Point One of the features of The Word Point that customers state they really appreciate is unique and customized service and develops a plan based on their business goals. The other feature that impresses them is the method of translation and localization. The agency uses only human methods and always has a native of the target region or country to perform the localization.  $0.10 per word 5.0 Visit site
Gengo This service has excellent management and administration with global backgrounds and offices in California and Japan. They have thousands of translators/localizers around the globe who can provide the type of website localization that gives target users a fully local experience. Customers indicate a high level of satisfaction with their website translations/localizations and solid growth of visits and use of their foreign sites. $0.06 per word 4.0 Visit site
Ulatus Ulatus provides translation and localization services in over 50 languages into over 125 regions/countries and has been in business for 14 years. Each website localization task is assigned to a native localization manager who oversees the project. Given the list of satisfied customers and the feedback they have provided, Ulatus delivers on its promises to provide expert localization. $0.10 per word 3.8 Visit site
Morningside Translations Almost 20 years of business has earned Morningside Translations an excellent reputation in the translation and localization industry. It is known for its localization services that adapt designs, layouts, and website language localization for target audiences, through its use of 8,000 linguists across the globe. Customers indicate full satisfaction with their new website designs and report wide use by target customers. $45 per page 3.7 Visit site
Trans Perfect Trans Perfect uses a combination of technology and human translation and localization. Its clients like the fact that they are in total control of the process of localization, using native consultants as they work to localize their websites through the patented technology of this company. And given the levels of client satisfaction, this system is working well. $0.25 per word 3.5 Visit site

Exactly What is Website Localization?

Just so that everyone is on the same page here, website localization is the modification of a website in one language that adapts that site to the linguistic and cultural preferences of a local foreign audience. It’s a complex process and involves the use of native experts so that the website is user-friendly, appears to be designed and written just for them, and that appears totally “natural.” This is a far more complex task than simple translation.

There is a huge difference between website translation services and web localization services. You want to use an agency that provides both if you intend to appeal to a foreign audience.

Website translation companies that you consider must also be website localization companies. This means that they will take your website, locate the perfect localization expert (a native of the target audience), translate your content, and then change/modify the language, the visuals, and the graphics to be linguistically and culturally appropriate for that audience. For all of this, you need to have much more than just machine translation. You need humans involved.

How is Accurate Can Help

We do the investigatory work for you. It is our mission to research and evaluate translation and localization companies, and then provide objective and factual reporting on them, so that those in need of the best translation services can make good choices.

Are There Others?

Of course, there are. We have evaluated and provided reports on a large number of translation and localization agencies. And we urge you to read our full summaries, not just of our top five picks but of others we have reviewed. By reading our summaries, you will be able to choose those agencies that you want to “interview” to determine if their services are right for you.