Resume Translation Services

If you are seeking a job in another country, it is to your benefit to have a professionally translated copy of your resume or CV. You’ll also want to be sure that your translation is completed by a qualified professional who will provide you with an accurate, culturally appropriate translation. To help with this, we have some important information about resume translations as well as a list of top five resume and CV translation services.

Resume Translation

The following resume and CV translation providers offer professional translations of resumes and other employment documents. Based on reviews we have conducted, and feedback we have received from clients of these services, we believe each of these five providers is worth considering if you are looking for a professional to ‘translate my resume’.

Service Description Pricing Ranking Visit site
The Word Point TheWordPoint is a well-known and reputable translation provider. They provide both standard and certified translation services for resumes, CV, even cover letters. For most translations, standard should be fine. However, there may government jobs, or jobs in specific industries where a certified translation is recommended. Because the WordPoint employs localization specialists, clients can be ensured of the cultural accuracy of their translations. TheWordPoint does not publish prices on their site. $0.10 per word 5.0 Visit site
Tomedes Tomedes is a translation, localization, and interpretation services provider. They work with a global source team of translation professionals and offer translation services in a wide variety of languages. They offer a one year guarantee on translations and have live customer support available 24/7. Because their translation prices vary according to language and document, they don’t publish prices on their website. However, you can receive an instant quote. $30 per page 4.0 Visit site
Academic Translation Services As the name implies, AcademicTranslationServices works largely in the academic niche. However, they do offer resume translation services. Features of this service include ISO standardization, fast turnaround time, 24/7 support, rush orders, and more. Prices for translation services start at 25 dollars per page. $25 per page 3.8 Visit site
RushTranslate RushTranslate offers translation services in 60 different languages. Their prices start at just ten cents per word. They provide CV translation and resume services with fast turnaround time. They also offer machine translations, so clients should be clear that they are placing an order for human translation. $24.95 per page 3.0 Visit site
Rev Rev is a very large, online translation provider. In fact, they have several well-known clients. They are a good source to consider if you want to translate your resume to English or any other language. They charge an industry standard of ten cents per word for translation services. $0.10 per word 3.0 Visit site

About Resume Translation Services

If you can connect with a quality, resume translation provider, you can take your job search worldwide. However, if you do this, you must be absolutely confident that your translator is skilled enough to translate your resume while maintaining your formatting as much as possible. Even if the person receiving your resume can read or speak your language, providing a translated copy shows that you care enough about communicating your skills and experience effectively.

Types of Documents For Translation

All the services listed here provide resume and CV translations. Most also provide other employment-related translations such as:

  • Cover Letters
  • Work Visas
  • Letters of Reference
  • Transcripts

In addition to this, these services also translate many other document types that may be useful to someone who is looking to move and work overseas. This includes travel documents, lease paperwork, and financial information.

In order to review resume translation services, we created the following criteria:

  • The site offers regular and certified translations.
  • A large variety of languages are offered.
  • Experienced translators are available.
  • Accessible customer service.
  • Published prices or the ability to obtain a free quote quickly.

In order to obtain the best quality translation, we recommend doing the following:

  • Use consistent number and date conventions in your resume or CV.
  • Make sure you are available to answer any inquiries from your translator. 
  • Provide definitions for any unique abbreviations or acronyms that are not commonly known.

Final Thoughts

Your resume is one of the most important documents that you will present to potential employers. The translation services listed above have proven to offer quality resume translation services. To learn more, check out our best translation services.