French Translation Services

French Translation Services

If you are in search of French translation companies, this article was written just for you. Here, we will provide information on five of the best French translations sites, and offer up useful tips for anyone seeking English to French translation services, or other French language translations.

When you are communicating with the French, you must remember that they are very protective of their language. They consider it to be a very important part of their identity and culture. Accuracy matters. In addition to this, French is spoken in 29 different countries. Translate your content to French, and you expand your reach significantly. 

Each of the following is an English to French translation service provider that has proven to be exceptionally reliable at providing high-quality translations. Keep reading for details on each of these. We’ll get into ratings criteria below.

Service Description Pricing Ranking Visit site
The Word Point TheWordPoint is a translation service that works with professionals from around the world. They provide professional translation services French to English among other services. In fact, they provide services in over 50 languages. In addition to this, certified translators are available. They offer three, translation service tiers which are basic, professional, and premium. Basic prices start at ten cents per word. $0.10 per word 5.0 Visit site
GTS Translations GTS-Translation provides a French to English translation service, along with other French translation options. They offer both human and machine translations. Their translators specialize in marketing, business, medical, financial, legal, and more. They also offer a translation widget as well as a WordPress plugin. Prices at this French translation agency start at eight cents per word. $0.07 per word 3.8 Visit site
JR Language JRLanguage is a translation service provider that uses the services of native speakers for professional services; French to English. They also offer ‘boutique’ translation services, curating solutions according to each customer's needs. Their translators specialize in many different areas of expertise that are relevant to the business world. These include financial; energy, oil, and gas; human resources; and marketing. They also provide eCommerce translations. Of course, they also offer French translations for personal documents and paperwork as well. The prices for individual translations start at 58 dollars a page. $58 per page 3.7 Visit site
Rev Rev is a large translation service with a global customer base. They have served the translation needs of many well-known companies. Further, they have provided French translation services to people all over the world. Businesses who wish to purchase translation services will pay a starting rate of ten cents per word. $0.10 per word 3.6 Visit site
Be Translated BeTranslated is a very reputable translation agency. They employ a variety of professional translators, and they specialize in French translations as well as many other languages. They offer document, website, marketing, technical, legal, and more. All areas of expertise include the option for French translation services. There is a page on the BeTranslated site that is dedicated to translation rates. However, that doesn’t list any prices. $0.12 per word 3.2 Visit site

General Information About French Translations

We have reviewed top translation companies that offer services in French. Most of these provide excellent services. However, only these five make our ‘best of’ list. Before you decide on a translation service, you should understand our criteria for rating these translation providers. Here is a brief list of the characteristics of a top French translation service.

  • The services offer a variety of languages, including French.
  • Certified translators available.
  • An easy website to navigate including placing an order and getting a quote.
  • The ability to communicate with translators
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Fast turnaround time.
  • Several areas of expertise, and document types.
  • A thorough explanation of the services provided.

We review each translation service. Then, we seek feedback from translation service customers. Finally, we research each company online. The top five translation agencies here are the result of those efforts.

Why Are French Translations so Important?

French is one of the major languages in the world. You’ll need accurate translations if you do business in French-speaking countries, have French-speaking customers, or must deal with government agencies in French-speaking countries. That’s just for business translations. France is also a dream destination for tourists and students. If you want to spend significant time in France, you may have to have several personal documents translated so that you may travel easily throughout the country.

Types of Documents For French Translation

Virtually any document can be translated to or from French. These include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Medical Records
  • Resumes
  • Contracts
  • Letters and Other Correspondence
  • Business Records
  • Loan Documents
  • Rental Contracts
  • Web Content
  • Marketing Content
  • School Transcripts
  • Letters of Acceptance
  • Visas and Passports
  • A/V Content
  • Packaging
  • Shipping Labels
  • Manuals

With most translation services, you simply upload your documents. Then, you receive a quote based on the number of pages you request, and whether you need a certified translation. Other factors that might influence price are the complexity of the document and if you need the order finished quickly. Here are some things that you can do in order to get your translation finished quickly and correctly.

  • Submit your order in plenty of time so that your translator has the time they need to do their job correctly.
  • Provide clear instructions when you place your order.
  • Respond to communications about your request.
  • Use consistent date and time formatting. 
  • Create a glossary of proprietary terms.
  • Review translated documents for accuracy.

With a bit of pre-planning, you should be able to help ensure that your translation is accurate, and delivered on time. Finally, keep in mind that the quality of your translation will depend largely on the quality of your original documents. The vast majority of translators will not do any sort of editing, proofreading, or fact-checking.

Final Thoughts

If you need French translations, the service providers on this list should be on your shortlist of sites to consider. Please click on the links provided above to learn more. In addition to this, please take the time to check out all of our other reviews. And, if there’s a translation service you’d like us to review, contact us and let us know!