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There is an impressive list of accurate translation services around, yet all of them have to be evaluated and judged according to the five criteria – accuracy, speed, pricing, customer satisfaction, and certified translations. Based on those five the list of Best of the best comes out. Take a look at the best translation website that performs lustrous results.

TOP-5 by speed

Sometimes, you need an accurate translation as quickly as possible. Worse, that the process may be long and complex. How do you know which service is best to trust when it comes to speedy delivery? We’ve listed our top 5 linguists according to speed and urgency.

TOP-5 by translation accuracy

If there’s one thing that every client requires, it is accuracy. In some cases, accuracy is a matter of health and well-being, or complying with regulations. Accuracy can also impact safety, reputation, and efficiency. Check out these trustworthy sites that deliver best accurate translations.

TOP-5 by customer satisfaction

A service builds its reputation over many years. Customers write reviews. They leave comments on best and worst websites. That’s why we read reviews and other remarks across the internet as part of our efforts to build a list of top 5 companies based on customer support.

TOP-5 by pricing

Nobody has a limitless budget for projects. Ideally, you can find a low priced provider who offers equally high quality. In reality, you must find a balance. Here are 5 best companies that excel at fair pricing.

TOP-5 for certified translations

Legal documents, travel papers, and localizations done for specific industries may require special certifications. Further a best certified linguist is more likely to deliver quality products. These top 5 services offer certified work.

Guide to Translation Services Reviews

Chances are, you’ve found IsAccurate during your search for the most accurate translation services. That’s a good thing! We provide professionally written reviews of best providers. Our mission is to help you decide which sites are best able to meet your needs.

We take an organized approach to determining which companies provide the best, most reliable services. Every review focuses on a set of five criteria that we’ve identified most important when it comes to accurately judging best online services.

As we have reviewed multiple sites, we have used these criteria to identify the 10 best translation services. We strongly recommend that you consider these above all other companies. We’ve used a point scale to rate them on each of these five criteria. Every website on our top 10 list has proven to have a commitment to quality.

Criteria for Translation Reviews

So, what are the criteria we use? Check out our descriptions of each of our five criteria, and why they are important. At the end, we’ll mention a few extra things that we also look for in each company that we evaluate.

Website Pricing

Pricing in this industry can vary widely. The type of document, industry, level of urgency, and length all impact pricing. Overall, we look for reasonable prices. An accurate translations provider will usually balance offering attractive prices with charging rates that let them hire best qualified translators. We won’t give a company our endorsement simply because they charge cheap rates. Finally, pricing is balanced with our other five rating factors.

Speed of Delivery

When customers have urgent deadlines, speed is an important factor. We evaluate this by obtaining best customer feedback, and using our own experiences. Any evidence of late delivery is taken very seriously. Imagine not having documents in time for an important meeting. What would you do if your customized website missed its launch date because your localization specialist didn’t complete the work you needed in a timely manner.

Accuracy of Translations

Because our goal is to find the best translation website, it only makes sense that accuracy is one of our five factors. In many cases, complete accuracy is required to avoid legal issues or serious misunderstandings. We read website reviews. We also review a completed document for factual accuracy and cultural relevance. Our reviews are particularly stringent on best companies that offer healthcare or legal localizations.

Customer Support

We evaluate customer support by seeking feedback via customer comments and reviews. We also invite feedback from customers like you. The best customer support team should be accessible, empathetic, professional, and well-trained. They should understand their agency’s policies and be able to accurately explain procedures from making a payment to delivery of the final product. Finally, there should be multiple points of contact. We prioritize agencies that offer telephone, email, and best online support options. Do you have customer support stories you can share? We’d love to hear from you!


Many companies hire language experts that have attended college or other professional programs so they can become certified translators. In addition, best services are often required to accurately reword documents that must be notarized or certified, or that meet ISO and other standards.

Certification is verified by researching each website. We make note of the types of certifications the best translators have, and if there are any industry specific certifications available.

Other Factors

There are some other things we consider when evaluating each document rewording service. One of these is good website design. It should be easy for customers to find the information they need. They should also be able to place an order and make payment without any difficulty. Finally, we give higher ratings to best service providers that work accurately with a variety of document types, and offer many services. Happily, many of the best agencies we review offer interpretive services, localization, and subtitling. Before you choose, feel free to ask what ‘extras’ may be available.

Finding The Most Accurate Translator Online

We encourage you to read our translation services reviews before selecting a linguist for your project. Our website reviews are written to ensure that your tasks are done by best companies with an excellent track record when it comes to delivering final products that are accurate. In addition to reading our translation services reviews, we’d love it if you contacted us with your own thoughts and experiences. We believe that this is absolutely a community effort. Your feedback on best translators is always welcome.

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