Review Process

How Do We Rate a Website

The translation as an industry has recently started its rapid development. New language service providers appear day by day that makes the search for a reliable translation company even more complicated. To make this process easier, we have created our website. Here you can find reviews of various translation and localization services, check their ratings, get to know about their pricing, delivery, and revision policies. Pick the service you like, use it, and leave your own feedback afterward. We constantly update our reviews and your comments will help other users to make the right choice.


How do you choose a service for review?

There is no specific rule of choosing services for reviews. We put ourselves in the shoes of an ordinary user and look for the best translation companies in Australia, Canada, USA, and all over the world. We look on the Internet, Facebook communities, Reddit threads, or even click on some ads we see online. Our aim is to review as many services as possible so that you could make a safe choice. After some time we come back to re-evaluate the same services as their quality or principles of work may change. It helps us to keep our reviews up-to-date.


Who reviews services

The rating of every translation service is a long and complicated process. In order to provide professional and unbiased reviews, we have collected an Expert Review Team. It consists of experienced translators, technical writers, editors, and proofreaders. Every member of it is connected to the translation industry and has experience working for a translation agency or providing translation services. They are specialists from all over the world who speak different languages and have expertise in various fields.


Main criteria for a review

To make our reviews honest our Expert Review Team came up with a set of criteria that are important for translation service customers. Here is a list of them:

  • Offered services - there is a variety of services a person may seek for - certified translation, localization, audio or video transcription services, etc. Some companies specialize in one of the services more than in others, so it’s important to check before placing an order.
  • Languages - check to and from what languages the company translates. Usually, this information is available on the website. If your target language is not on the list but the company promises you to find the translator, it is better not to risk and pick another service.
  • Industries - translation of documents and texts may have a different level of difficulty because of the industry they belong to. Any language expert can translate a simple email but not every translator can cope with an affidavit or a technical manual. Ask beforehand if the agency has a translator for your specific industry.
  • Certificates - if you submit your documents to governmental organizations like the USCIS, one of the requirements is certified translation. Not all the services are able to provide that, so keep it in mind and double-check it before making a payment.
  • Prices - everyone is in search of an affordable rate but when it comes to translation services, one should not fall for a very low price. At the same time, a high price is not always equal to high quality. That is why we check our reviews where we evaluate a price-quality ratio.
  • Accuracy of the translation - we test how well services can follow the instructions, do they stick to all of the requirements or ignore them. Accuracy is one of the main criteria for evaluation.
  • Speed - it’s important to know whether the company is able to provide the order on time as sometimes every minute counts. We check how services stick to the promised deadlines.
  • Social media presence - a reliable company should have active social media accounts. It helps to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and communicate with the audience.
  • Reviews on the web about this service - it is a known fact that service place only positive reviews and testimonials on their sites. So, we look for real feedback from real customers on the Internet and take it into account.

What is the review process?

The review process is similar for every service. If something is changed or improved in it, all services are re-evaluated following that new set of rules. So, after the team picks the service they study the website, its content and contact information, offered services, and prices. They study social media presence, read reviews online, and compare them to reviews on their own website. Then, Expert Review Team contacts support and asks basic questions about the company, their workflow, policies, even if this information is evident and is written on the site. It is done to check the accuracy and knowledge of customer support.

After that, the order for translation is placed. It allows us to investigate the complexity of the order-placing process, pricing, and if it is stated correctly on the website, help of the support team. When the translated project is returned, we review the turnaround time, quality of translation, and the possibility of after-services like revision and refund. The accuracy of translation is checked by our own experienced and certified translators. Finally, the team gathers and completes the rating for the service and writes a review that is later posted on our website.


Can I write a review about the services you reviewed?

Yes, you not only can but should write a review. Share your thoughts even if your experience is different from the one we got. It is even better if you can tell us about your cooperation with the company as it will help to shed the light on other sides of the service.

Press “Write a Review” button and fill in the form. Indicate your name, email address, service you are evaluating, rate it based on 5 main criteria, and write a short description. Your contribution is very important and will help other users to get more feedback from real customers.