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Medical research crosses all borders. The research and innovations of a medical researcher in one country should be shared with the global medical community, for this is the way that progress occurs and that procedures and innovations are shared to benefit people all over the planet. Medical researchers need to talk with one another, whether that is through medical journals, published materials, or specific technical information about the use of new medications, procedures, or devices. Not to be ignored are the legal requirements in most countries that medicinal protocols be accurately translated when those medicines and devices have been developed in a foreign country.

Our Picks of the Best Medical Translation Services

We want to say this up front. Our picks of the top five companies do not mean that you will not find a medical translation company that might meet your unique needs. We have based our evaluations and ratings on a broad range of criteria and, even more important, the feedback of actual clients who have used their services. 

Service Description Pricing Ranking Visit site
The Word Point What impresses us most about this translation service is its rigorous employment process and its demand for certifications or other academic backgrounds in the areas for which their staff conducts translations. All translations are manually accomplished and further edited by another in the same specialty. Certification affidavits are provided as well. Given the overwhelming satisfaction of medical translation clients, we are pretty high on this agency. $0.10 per word 5.0 Visit site
GTS Translations In business for over 15 years, has had time to develop a stellar reputation among all varieties of translations, including medical. It has successfully completed such translations for pharmaceutical companies, medical journals, and healthcare protocols. The agency uses only human translators with medical backgrounds, supported by medical terminology glossaries that have been developed over the years. Levels of customer satisfaction are extremely high. $0.07 per word 3.9 Visit site
Day Translations Day Translations understands the importance of accuracy and certification when it comes to medical translations. The company offers translations of medical reports, clinical trials, medical documents, clinical studies, and more. Because of the critical need for accuracy, this agency uses fully human translators who have both medical backgrounds and are natives in the target language. $0.12 per word 3.7 Visit site
JR Language JR Language is a medical translation company that relies on manual translators who are native speakers in the target languages and have medical experience. Their work is supplemented by medical terminology glossaries in over 100 language pairs and is then edited by another translator – much greater accuracy is thus ensured. JR Language medical translation work includes medical records, research, pharmaceutical protocols, and more. $58 per page 3.5 Visit site
Rev While Rev focuses on only 32 languages, its portfolio of clients is impressive in the nine years it has been in business. Its freelance translators span the globe and are only permitted to take assignments for tasks in which their native language is the target one. The repertoire of translation and transcription services is comprehensive, including medical records, technical protocols, research articles, etc. While the company does incorporate AI technology into its translations, there is always a human involved – together, machine and man provide accuracy. Clients are highly satisfied with the results. $0.10 per word 3.0 Visit site

Obviously, medical translations can be quite technical and will require experts with solid medical backgrounds. As researchers, publishers, and practitioners seek to find an appropriate medical translation agency, they need to research many options and look at translator expertise, processes, and, of course, the languages and countries that a medical translation service serves. 
Is Accurate has already done this work for you. We have researched and evaluated medical translation agencies and have rated their performance based upon our specific criteria and the feedback provided by actual clients. If you need healthcare translation services – documents, protocols, procedures, research, etc. – then you will want to read our summaries of popular translation agencies and their record of medical document translation services.

Accuracy in Medical Translations is Critical

There is no room for error in medical translations. Health and lives are at stake. As you look for medical translation services, be certain that you use the best translation website. The five listed above are our top picks, but there are many more review summaries on our site that also cover medical translation services. We urge you to read our full reviews so you can select the agency that will best meet your specific needs.