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Best Medical Translation Services Rated by Experts

Medical industry development and real possibility to conquer even the most dangerous diseases became possible due to the cooperation of medical researchers and practitioners all over the world. Sharing experiment results, new medicines, and ideas across countries could not happen without professional medical translation services.

Their help is needed on all stages from initial research to medicine implementation. Errors are unacceptable in this sphere that is why finding the best translation website is the primary thing to do. We are ready to assist with this matter so that researchers, doctors, pharmacologists and other important people in healthcare could always have updated and relevant information.

Our Picks of Top Medical Translation Companies


What impresses us most about this company is its rigorous employment process and its demand for certifications and academic backgrounds in the areas for which their team conducts translations. All projects are manually accomplished and further edited. Certification affidavits are provided as well. Given overwhelming satisfaction of clients, we consider this agency to be one of the best.


$0.10 per word


This company understands the importance of accuracy and certification when it comes to medical translations. It offers translations of medical reports, clinical trials, medical documents, clinical studies, and more. Because of the critical need for accuracy, this agency uses fully human translators who have both medical backgrounds and are natives in the target language.


$0.12 per word


In business for over 15 years, has had time to develop a stellar reputation among all varieties of services, including medical. It has successfully completed translations for pharmaceutical companies, medical journals, and healthcare protocols. This agency uses only human translators with medical backgrounds, supported by medical terminology glossaries that have been developed over the years. Levels of customer satisfaction are extremely high.


$0.07 per word


JR Language relies on manual linguists who are native speakers in the target languages and have medical experience. Their work is supplemented by medical terminology glossaries in over 100 language pairs and is then edited by another expert – much greater accuracy is thus ensured.


$58 per page


While Rev focuses on only 32 languages, its portfolio of clients is impressive in the nine years it has been in business. Its freelance linguists span the globe and are only permitted to take assignments for tasks in which their native language is the target one. Variety of translation and transcription services is comprehensive, including medical records, technical protocols, research articles, etc. While this company does incorporate AI technology, there is always a human involved – together, machine and man provide accuracy. Clients are highly satisfied with the results.


$0.10 per word


Why Medical Document Translation Is More Complicated?

Whether documents for adaptation in another language are some instructions or just pills description, only 100% precision is acceptable because one’s life may depend on these words. Incorrectly transmitted information on how an artificial ventilator should be used may result in a patient’s death. Inappropriate patient’s records may lead to omitting vital medicines and severely harmed heath as a result.

There are several more reasons for localization of medical documents is more difficult than others:

  • Different meanings of the same terms depending on area’s perspective.
  • Different synonyms in other languages as compared to English, some target languages may not have proper equivalents.
  • Translators should have proper background, determine the context correctly.
  • One requires a specific certification to work in this field.

Popular Types Of Medical Documents

The best text adaptation agency may be hired for work on multiple specific documents’ types. So if you need outstanding results you should always consider task at hand specifics, whether you need certified Chinese translation or translate medical documents from specific spheres.

It is extremely important to check if chosen company worked with similar tasks before. Services that we choose for our reviews always cover the most important and popular types so that you may rely on experience and feedback gathered by real clients who ordered from this service:

  • Prescription
  • Instructions for medicines
  • Manuals for doctors, nurses, patients
  • Instructions for medical device
  • Records forms of various nature such as consent or release
  • Discharge instructions
  • Scientific researches
  • Clinical protocols
  • Regulatory documents
  • Patents

Associated Medical Subjects

Ordering translation medical subjects should be considered as they determine not just the service to contact but also an the best linguist who will be completing the task. The reason is that it’s impossible to be qualified enough and cover all these subjects:

  • Surgery
  • Immunology
  • Dermatology
  • Cardiology
  • Genetics
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Virology

These are just a few examples of the subjects’ variety in the medical sphere that is why it’s often compared to a technical translation services. Translators in both these spheres must very specifically know not only source but also target languages as well as chosen subjects.


Subject Areas

While subjects require specific and narrowed knowledge of relevant terminology, it is not the first thing that medical experts should decide upon. When one decides that focusing on French translation and no other decision on a broader field is needed. On the contrary, translators should know what subject area they want to focus on as the specifics of future job will depend on that choice:

  • Healthcare
  • Clinical trials field
  • Work with clinical research organizations
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmacological area
  • Medical research sphere

Knowing an area of interest allows focusing on more narrowed perspectives within it. Specialists also dedicate all efforts to achieve true professionalism in a narrowed knowledge field.


What Expertise Should Medical Translator Online Possess?

People who work with documents should demonstrate two major qualities. Be sure that employees cooperating with services we reviewed do have those features:

  • Proficiency in knowledge of both source language and target one, that should always be their native language. The reason is that medical language translation requires deep possible context’s understanding, which is usually the prerogative of native speakers only.
  • Not only a general awareness of healthcare and biology but also specific and extensive knowledge of a certain field.

In order to find out whether a chosen healthcare interpreter possesses that professional feature you may either read our reviews or ask the service for proof of qualification.


Certification Of Employees

You need to be sure that medical translation companies hire only people who finished certificate programs and courses offered by such reputable organizations as the Medical Division of the American Translators Association (ATA). Simply having a diploma qualifying one for a career in this sphere is not sufficient. Graduates need completion of specific medical translation programs and get an allowance to work in specialized fields. Certification obtained via nation-wide or at least state-wide program is preferable.

Similar approach is adopted by technical translation agencies as without proper knowledge of terms, abbreviations, possible contexts and other related things experts cannot provide relevant text in target language.


Look For Case Studies

Searching for medical translation online might be rather fruitless if you don’t know what you are expecting. That is why professional services complete case studies based on successfully completed projects in the past especially if those were big and complicated ones.

If there is an opportunity that a relevant agency you just found online can provide such case study, you should definitely spend some time reviewing their quality. Available case studies are good indicators that a company is sure in service’s quality and its employees are reliable professionals. That’s exactly what is needed when adaptation of medical documents is needed as this sphere does not tolerate an unprofessional approach.


Medical Translation Technology

Quality of completed work depends only on human efforts. While there are numerous tech tools that make this process easier, medical errors being unacceptable still requires only human experience.

The best medical translators use neural machines technologies so that professionals can just check relevance, fine-tune, proofread the machine-made output. Artificial intelligence and machine learning cannot fully substitute human work and careful approach but new technologies can make the entire process much easier.

Automated methods of translation can be used by medical translation services when a significant glossary, or the list of terms specific for a certain medical sphere, is developed and applied. In this case the application of such a specific lexicon provides more appropriate machine adaptation output that will require a smaller number of corrections from a human.


Useful Skills For Experts In Medical and Pharmaceutical Fields

Somehow translators employed in these fields should possess many skills that any legal translation company is looking for in its employees. In both cases, human life and future are at stake. That is why these primary features are obligatory:

  • Accuracy
  • Field’s terminology knowledge
  • Good memory
  • Responsibility
  • Adherence to regulations

Pick Only the Best Services

Making sure that all records are updated and Russian, Japanese, Italian translation to English is properly presented is essential as it may save someone’s life someday. That is why medical translations should be done by the best services that proved their reputation by years of service. You can save much time reading reviews at Pickwriters since we already included all important criteria for you to choose from and make an informed decision. Many people continue using accurate translation services and share relevant experience so feedback is constantly updating.