Content 7 ways to say sorry in spanish
7 Ways to Say Sorry in Spanish: Piece of Advice for Every Situation

How do you say sorry in Spanish? Imagine that you are in Spain. You just bought a delicious granizado, but a moment later, you dropped it on someone.

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Content dead languages
Everything There Is To Know About Dead Languages

There are many dead languages in the world today. Are you interested in learning more about them and getting some extinct language facts? If you are, stay tuned to this article to know more!

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Content translators and interpreters working in conflict zones
Translators and Interpreters Working in Conflict Zones

War has always been a part of human history, and oftentimes conflicting parties do not speak each other's languages. Language mediation is necessary, so the importance of translators and interpreters is undeniable.

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Content ukrainians are in race to save cultural heritage
Ukrainians Are In Race to Save Cultural Heritage

More than eight months of Russian full-scale invasion and aggression toward Ukraine demonstrated the true intentions of Russia. This is the total destruction of the Ukrainian identity. Constant strikes on civilians, schools, hospitals, religious, and cultural objects prove it.

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Content ukrainian vs russian languages
Ukrainian And Russian: How Similar Are the Two Languages?

Reviewing the history and linguistic peculiarities, one can easily say that the myth that Ukrainian and Russian are the same languages is just a myth.

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Content bilingual ukrainians abandon russian language
Bilingual Ukrainians Abandoning the Russian Language Over War

The linguistic question was the subject of heated discussions long before the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and even the start of the war in 2014. Russian propaganda promoted treating the Ukrainian language as the dialect of Russian.

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Content swearwords as weapon of resistance for ukrainians
How Swearwords Became a Weapon of Resistance for Ukrainians

Swearing attracts so much attention since it involves using taboo terms and implies a strong emotional response. Why do people use swearwords so much? And how the hell can those words be treated as a weapon?

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Content dates in spanish
How to Write Dates in Spanish Right

Learn how to write dates in Spanish without mistakes. Writing days of the week and the months of the year are easy.

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Content how to say hello in german
How to Say Hello in German

Looking for various ways of how do you say hello in German? Read our article and find out different way to greet a German.

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Content what language is spoken in india
Do you know what language is spoken in India?

Country with a rich historical and cultural background is bound to possess linguistic diversity so that there is no one-word answer to the question of what language is spoken in India.

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