Business Translation Services

The following is our summary of translation services for business along with important information for business customers.

Best Business Translation Services

When businesses of any type request translation services, they must ensure that the results are completely accurate. Poor translations can have financial, legal, and other consequences. In some cases, translations must be specially certified to ensure they meet industry standards. Keep reading to learn about our best translation companies for business customers, and for pertinent information on translations for business.

Professional Business Translation Services

Here are the top five translation service providers for business.

Service Description Pricing Ranking Visit site
The Word Point TheWordPoint is a well-known translation service with an established reputation of providing top quality service. The company has provided business translations to a wide variety of companies. They offer translations in multiple languages and have a large staff of translators who have subject matter expertise. TheWordPoint does not have their prices published, and you must request a quote to get that information. $0.10 per word 4.9 Visit site
Morningside Translations MorningsideTranslations is a global, translation services provider. They offer website localization, document translation, and several other services that are relevant to business users. They specialize in patents, IP, and legal translations. No prices are published on the site. $45 per page 3.9 Visit site
Be Translated BeTranslated offers business translation services to companies around the world. They have a large team of translators and can work with a variety of languages. Their areas of expertise include marketing, technical, white papers, business plans, localization, manuals, financial paperwork, product descriptions, and more. The company doesn’t publish translation rates but does provide some explanation of their pricing. $0.12 per word 3.8 Visit site
Day Translations DayTranslations has built its reputation as one of the fastest translation providers available. Fortunately, they are also able to provide high-quality translations in most cases. They have qualified translation professionals with expertise in industries including, automotive, banking and finance, healthcare, and more. Prices are provided by quote only. $0.12 per word 3.5 Visit site
Rev Rev is one of the largest, online translation services. The offer business translation services in a variety of languages. All business documents and other items are accepted for translation. Business translation starts at ten cents per word. $0.10 per word 3.0 Visit site

Things to Know About Business Document Translation Services

Imagine doing business in another country, or selling products to customers from that country. First, you’d need to have all the documentation required to conduct business there legally. Your website and marketing content would need to be translated as well. That’s just the beginning. Product packaging, contracts, employee manuals, financials, and much more. Not only that, you’d need those documents translated quickly and accurately.

Here are some document types that are common in business translation services:

  • White Papers
  • Patents
  • Contracts
  • Customer Service Manuals
  • Process Documents
  • Financial Forecasts
  • Website Translations
  • Marketing Content
  • Packaging and Inserts
  • Employee Manuals
  • Bank Account Statements
  • Customer and Employee Records
  • Product Descriptions
  • Business Plans
  • Company Profiles
  • Prospectus

Finally, there are several things that business clients can do in order to ensure they don’t run into any translation issues. Take these steps to ensure that there are no roadblocks to good translation results.

  • Create a translation glossary. This will provide a standardized set of definitions for any proprietary terms or jargon used in your documents.
  • Standardize how your company writes dates, times, uses currency symbols, etc. This will help translators immensely.
  • Ensure that all documents are accurate.
  • Take into account that a translated document may be significantly longer or shorter.
  • Have all the documents ready and in the same format.
  • Determine the document format in which you wish to receive your translations.
  • Communicate frequently and directly with your translation professional.
  • Provide any special instructions as early as possible.

Finally, if you don’t see the specific document you require when placing your order, remember that the majority of service providers will translate virtually any document. Simply contact customer support to ask.

Our criteria for this list includes:

  • A website that is easy to navigate.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Professional and accessible customer support.
  • Most popular languages.
  • Wire range of translator expertise.
  • Certified translators.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need website localization, marketing content, financial reporting, employee manuals, contracts, packaging, or business card translation services, it’s important that you find the best translation site to do the work. Check out the services above to learn more, and check out our best certified translation providers.