Terms of Use

IsAccurate welcomes you to its website. In order for you to access this site, you agree to be bound by all provisions of this Terms of Use Agreement. If you find that you cannot agree to any of these terms and conditions, then you should exit this site immediately.

Modifications to These Terms

From time to time, we may modify or amend these terms and conditions. We will publish such changes on this page, and it is your responsibility to check the page periodically for any amendments that have been made. Most amendments will go into effect fourteen (14) days after posting, unless the changes relate to new features or functions of our website or to any laws or court decisions that impact our company/site. In these instances, posted changes will take effect immediately. Should you not agree with any amendments/modifications, it is your responsibility to discontinue use of our site. Should you choose to continue to use our site, you are automatically bound by these changes.


The terms “isAccurate,” “we,” “us,” “our” all refer to the isAccurate company, its website, its owners, employees and affiliates.

The terms “you,” “your,” “yours,” “user,” refer to anyone who uses our website or posts any content on our site. Should you access this site on behalf of a company or an organization, then these terms apply to that enterprise as well.

Your Use of Our Website

It is the purpose of the isAccurate website to provide objective review information about translation services. As a part of our purpose, we invite visitors/users to post opinions regarding translation services in general and specific translation service in particular.

By using our website, you agree and guarantee the following:

  1. That information you provide is accurate and true, as current as you know it to be, and that your opinions are based upon such information.
  2. That you are at least 18 years of age if you should contribute any information or an opinion.
  3. That you will provide accurate personal information to our company when you submit content or suggestions for reviews.

For our part, we certify the following:

  1. We do not knowingly collect any personal information from anyone who is under the age of 18. Should we discover that any user is under the age of 18, that individual will be “wiped” from our system and banned from accessing or using our site.
  2. We may deny access by any user for any reason we deem appropriate, including violation of any of these terms of use
  3. We do not endorse opinions, reviews, third-party services or products, or any vendor that may appear on our site.
  4. We may provide incentives for visitors and users to submit reviews. In these instances, we do not solicit either positive or negative reviews. We expect those who submit reviews to provide honest, factual information based upon their experiences.

Activities We Prohibit

All visitors and users agree to the following prohibitions:

  1. Content that we publish is proprietary, that is, it belongs solely to the company. Visitors and users agree not copy, modify, transmit or distribute, reproduce, transfer, sell, display, or otherwise share any of our content without our express permission.
  2. Agree not to use the IsAccurate site or any of its content for commercial purposes
  3. Agree not to copy any content from the IsAccurate site through any automated means, including spiders, scrapers, robots, with express permission from us.
  4. Agree not to upload content that places undo load on our system
  5. Agree not to copy, mirror or frame any part of this site into another website
  6. Agree not to post any reviews of products or services that are offered by a current employer, past employer or any competitor of an employer

Posting Reviews and Using Interactive Areas of the IsAccurate Site

We welcome the submission of content. Users agree that when they submit any content in any form whatsoever, they automatically grant IsAccurate and any of its affiliates full and irrevocable rights to use that content in any way that it deems appropriate.

These rights include:

  1. Copying, modifying, transferring, distributing, displaying content anywhere on its site and anywhere else throughout the word, the web, and to other media
  2. IsAccurate will never divulge the full name of any user unless required by court order, law enforcement officials, or any judicial action. We do not publish reviews on behalf of any user. Any user content we publish is published in our name.

User agrees not to post any content that is covered by copyright of another, that is proprietary or confidential of any third party, or that is in any way covered by protections from public disclosure.

The IsAccurate site contains review services and other areas which user may access. Users may post reviews, messages, and information concerning their experiences with translation services. While we provide access to these interactive areas, the user assumes total responsibility for the content s/he posts and enters these areas at his/her own risk. We do not provide protections for the content you post nor for the veracity of the content that others may post.

User agrees not to post any content of the following natures:

  1. Any content, textual or visual that is illegal, slanderous or libelous, obscene, lewd/indecent, incendiary, harassing, threatening, fraudulent, or in any manner that is deemed objectionable by us.
  2. Any content that would constitute instructions or directions for encouraging criminal activity, that would violate the rights of others or that would be in violation of any local, regional, state, national or international law or any regulations of any governmental entity,
  3. Any content that could infringe upon the copyright, patent, or trademark of any entity
  4. Any content that purports to impersonate another individual or entity or that misrepresents your affiliation with an entity.
  5. Any content that comprises promotions, contests, political campaigning, advertising, of solicits other user participation in such.
  6. Any content that reveals the personal information of anyone else.
  7. Any content that promotes other companies, products, or services.
  8. Any content that is not related to the subject of the discussions/conversations of the interactive area.

IsAccurate will take no responsibility nor assume any liability for the content that is posted by any user or for content posted by other that the user then acts upon. Further, we assume no responsibility for consequences, losses or damage to a user as the result of participation in interactive areas of this website.

We further reserve the right to remove, edit, or in any other way screen content that a user posts on our site.

Further, user agrees that s/he has no right to claim “ownership” or copyright on any content that s/he may post on the IsAccurate site. All such content belongs to IsAccurate to use as it deems appropriate.

Any violation of a user to all of these terms of use may result in suspension or termination of use of this website. Further, if it should be determined that a user has in any violated any law or regulation of any governmental entity, we will cooperate with authorities in investigations and prosecutions.