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Maybe it is time to just not take on the job if you can't take on the job and deliver it on time? While I understand that unforeseen delays can happen, I have had some issues with this translation agency in terms of timeliness. My project was not completed within the agreed time frame, which caused some inconvenience. However, the quality of the translation itself was satisfactory, and the customer support team was quick to respond to delays and apologize for them. I would advise this service to improve its time management.


I was extremely disappointed with the quality of the translation. It was full of errors and inaccuracies that made the document almost unusable. When I contacted customer service, they were dismissive and indifferent.


They did the job great but they should learn how to communicate with others without being passive-aggressive


Not the best translation. I will look for help elsewhere.


not super accurate translation


didn’t get enough information about them before hiring now I'm regretting it.


Unacceptable quality.


Services are satisfactory for me.


good people translators


I needed quality translation on my certificate but they couldn’t deliver.

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