~ User Reviews

We used this translation service for a presentation, and we were extremely disappointed with the results. The translated text was full of errors and made no sense, which made our presentation look unprofessional. We had to spend extra time and effort to fix the mistakes, and it was frustrating to realize that we couldn't rely on this service for such an important task. The customer support was unresponsive and unhelpful, which only added to our frustration. We wouldn't recommend this service to anyone who needs accurate and reliable translations for their presentations or other important documents.


I just wanted to translate a couple of pages of my documents and did not expect that it would bring me so many problems because of this service. They promised to make a good quality translation in 2 days, as a result, the 3rd day is already ending, and I'm still waiting for it... Tell me, what is your deadline? How long do I have to wait for these unfortunate 4 sheets?


They don't take any steps to pleasse the customer... With such an atitude they will soon be without customers


The translation of my documents for USCIS was a fail, I did not get a visa - total waste of time. I had to resubmit.


The service is not good. They have a free quote option but it takes ages to get their reply and prices are high!