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I recently decided to use this service to translate my documents into 2 languages, and it was a real mistake! It seemed like their translators were playing a game of Chinese Whispers with my documents. The translations were so inaccurate that I was just confused. They did not provide even remotely accurate translations into any of the languages I needed. I will never use them again EVER!


I already had experience with similar services, but I have not worked with this yet. They made such a translation that I still can't stop laughing. I have never met such cheerful employees... ahaha, I still can't stop...ahahahahaaha


The worst service for translations! They don't keep their promises, they are very slow!

Krista Gennings

They did an average job

Zain Wu

They worked so well once upon a time… rightout they just average.


communication was nice and it was followed by a timed delivery


Made a video for a course online and I wanted it to be available in French, Italia and Spanish and these guys came through for me. I have a lot of views on my video and it's all thanks to them.


I wonder why they still add a fee to the quote they give. It should be free if I'm being honest. And maybe they did it to just me and if that is the case then am highly disappointed.


I have to say they are not good enough. They are not a decent translaton site and they lack true professionals.

Alina Schroeder

Yeah, the service was great and the quality wasn’t bad. I just feel they they need to work on their turnaround .

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