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In my line of work, tight deadlines are a constant challenge. I must say that this translation service does an excellent job of meeting those deadlines. They have been very understanding and patient with my time constraints. However, I must say that there were a few instances where the quality of the translation could have been improved. Despite the fact that they were able to meet the tight deadline, the quality of the translation suffered as a result. So it's worth noting that if deadlines are a priority for you and you can put up with minor flaws in the translation, then this service may be a good option for you.


Although this translation service does a great job with commercial translations, I can't help but be disappointed with their prices. They are significantly higher than the industry average, making it difficult for small companies or individuals on a budget to justify the cost. Their translation quality is certainly commendable, but the high price leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I would recommend looking into more cost-effective options unless budget constraints are an issue for you.


As a student with a penchant for accuracy, I approached this service with high expectations. The quality of their translations was commendable, demonstrating a deep understanding of linguistic nuances. They offered a wide range of language pairs and completed the translation promptly, meeting the tight deadline. However, I did notice a few instances where minor errors slipped through the translation, especially in technical jargon. Nevertheless, I highly appreciate the professionalism of this service and their commitment to translation accuracy. For those looking for reliable translation services, this service is a solid choice, although they have room for improvement in some specialized areas.


I understand the importance of clear and accurate international communication as I own a small company. I used this service to translate important business documents and overall they provided a reliable service. Their team was responsive and attentive, ensuring that our translation needs were met within the specified timeframe. The quality of the translations was generally satisfactory, allowing us to communicate effectively with our international partners and clients. However, they did make some minor mistakes that required us to review and make changes. Despite these minor setbacks, I appreciate the efforts of this service, which helped us overcome the language barrier and facilitated our global operations.


I was satisfied with this service. The translator was professional and well versed in business terminology, which was necessary for my needs. The translated documents were accurate and well written. Yes, it's a bit expensive, but I think whoever has the money can apply to this service without any problems. I would use this service again.


I used this service to translate some documents and was almost satisfied. The staff was professional and civil. The only thing I noticed was a few errors in the translation, which bothered me a bit because the documents were quite important. Fortunately, the errors were relatively minor, and I was able to correct them fairly quickly. I appreciated the efficiency and convenience of the service, but I would be cautious about using it.


I found this translation service to be average. The translations were generally okay, but not perfect. The managers who took the order were friendly and prompt, but several times I had to clarify my questions.


The translation of my legal documents was quite adequate. Although there were some errors and inconsistencies, the overall accuracy was adequate for my needs. The customer service was friendly and attentive, but a few times I had to wait longer than I would have liked for a response.


At first glance there was nothing to complain about, but then I found a few mistakes. Revision fixed everyting


I liked the translation, but the price is a little embarrassing.

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