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I entrusted this translation agency with the translation of my daughter's birth certificate. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. The translation was of poor quality and lacked the attention to detail that such an important document requires. The quality of the translation was simply not up to par, which made me question their professionalism and experience. To be honest, I expected more from a service that claims to specialize in translations...


That was the last time I used this translation company. The translation was full of inaccuracies and mistakes, there were even sections that were not translated at all. They didn't solve the issue, they were rude and disrespectful and didn't offer any help or support. I would not recommend this service to anyone who needs a professional and reliable translation.


The customer support was bad, not helpful at all. I had to figure out everything on my own. but translation turned out good


The company was not replying to my messages after I have paid. I needed to make some tiny changes in the instructions but they did not reply. After 2 days they send the completed document and ask to pay additionally for those tiny changes. It is not fair!