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I heard this service has been on the market for a long time. But honestly, I didn’t see anything unusual about them. the prices are high, the quality is around average but nothing more than that.


Felt like I gave them enough time…I even added more money because of how urgent it was but they didn’t care at all. I'm livid right now, and I will appreciate nothing but a quick refund


My opinion about them is as mixed as the reviews

Joseph Huges

The files were mostly mistranslated. Please redo…

Charles W

work is finished, i'm bummed out..


Mediocre translation..not your best work I'm sure. i paid for the best and this isn't what I paid for.


they respond to orders fast


their customer service aren't very reasonable.

Yana Jackson

quality is simply average. Needs a lot of work


The translator was a real professional. Had no issues with her, she did the job well

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