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I respect the way they work and all but their slow turnaround is a big problem. I don’t know why they take too long to deliver.


they are probably the best translators out there…but their charges can be a lot to handle at times


they stand by to assist me with interpretations of Spanish. they've been so helpful


You made decent translations, and I received it sooner than I expected

Torsten Larsen

Thanks for quick turn around, but result is below what I expected


It was a situation of they did the best they could…it is just that their best wasn’t enough this time.

Ismail Chen

It wasn’t enough, I must confess.


They don’t disappoint when it comes to meet deadlines.


Loved the quick response of their customer service but I can't still understand how they don’t deliver quickly.

Olha Peterse

I didn’t notice a chat option with them. I'll love to tell my situation and explain things to a real human being (not an AI) so that my work can be done effectively.

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