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They don’t disappoint when it comes to meet deadlines.


Loved the quick response of their customer service but I can't still understand how they don’t deliver quickly.

Olha Peterse

I didn’t notice a chat option with them. I'll love to tell my situation and explain things to a real human being (not an AI) so that my work can be done effectively.


I've used them twice already and they failed to meet the deadline I gave them on both occassions.


I've been using this site for quite some time, but the last translation they did wasn't good enough.


Very satisfactory work done. No complaints at all.

Vinnie F.

I was delighted with their quick turnaround. But I found a few errors in the work they delivered and I made the corrections myself.

Dexter Sexton

My documents had to be translated and submitted within 3 days. I hired their services and they failed to deliver on time. I missed my opportunity because of them.


No problem with the servicesthey offered, it’s fine. The customer service was however not responsive, and the pricing was a bit high.

Liao Bao

good job on the work i gave them

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