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I will never use this service again.... My experience with this translation service was a disaster. The translations were inaccurate and poorly done, and the customer service was unresponsive and unhelpful.


I had to ask them again to make some corrections, because some of the words did not seem to me to be translated quite correctly


The translators here are illiterate! I've already made sure of that.


Got my Chinese translated by these guys last week. it was okay but I still had to fix it a bit so I’d say it’s not worth all the money I paid :(


I respect the way they work and all but their slow turnaround is a big problem. I don’t know why they take too long to deliver.


they are probably the best translators out there…but their charges can be a lot to handle at times


they stand by to assist me with interpretations of Spanish. they've been so helpful


You made decent translations, and I received it sooner than I expected

Torsten Larsen

Thanks for quick turn around, but result is below what I expected


It was a situation of they did the best they could…it is just that their best wasn’t enough this time.

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