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I believe that the service was not entirely successful in translating my documents into Portuguese


I love this company but they are not very consistent…


I didn’t anticipate that there were gonna be errors as much as this. You guys disappointed me with your translation but I know better than to use you next time

Brooke Williams

Nothing special

Quentin Cage

All they do is charge ridiculous fees for crappy services.


I didn’t hear from them for 3 good weeks after I hired them. It was on the 24th day that they decided to deliver.


these ones deliver more excuses than quality. I'm so tired of them!!


heard they joined human translators with AI… it is a great initiative but it hasn’t helped their translations so far…


I only have problem with them not being reliable. They promised to send my document within 48 hours but they didn’t. It was until 7 days before they decided to send my document.

Katie McCalier

I know I gave them a job to translate my papers in text but I paid enough for their services to make them edit and proofread my translated papers. I'm honestly not happy with their translation. So many errors and mistranslations could have been avoided with a simple proofreading. i want my papers redone please.

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