~ User Reviews

I have to say that the translation from this service was accurate. The team demonstrated a proactive approach, making corrections where necessary, which was impressive. Judging by this, their commitment to accuracy is commendable. However, if the price was a bit lower I would have gladly given them 5 stars, but unfortunately it's 4 for now.


We have recently worked with this service, and our experience has been characterized by a collaborative and dynamic process of cooperation. The localization services provided by this service have enabled us to effectively adapt our products to different markets and cultures. Despite the occasional challenges in understanding specific cultural nuances and linguistic subtleties, the professional team remained attentive and responsive throughout the localization process. Their dedication to providing accurate and culturally appropriate translations contributed to our successful market entry. We appreciate their commitment to quality and willingness to work closely with us to achieve our localization goals.


I recently hired a translator to translate some business documents for an upcoming presentation. The translator himself worked quickly and efficiently, and the translated documents were delivered on time. The quality of the translation itself was good, but I had a few quibbles about the language used. However, these issues were quickly resolved through communication with an interpreter. I would recommend this service for business translations if attention is paid to the specific language requirements of the documents.


I have hired a translation service to complete the translation of my book from Chinese into English, as I am not a native speaker. And I should say that the quality was good but the price was a bit high for a young writer like me. Maybe in future I can afford them!