10 Best Languages to Learn and Change Your Future

10 Best Languages to Learn and Change Your Future

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Learning new languages is undeniably beneficial for the development of one’s skills and intelligence in general. This process improves the self-confidence of learners as they increase the chances of meeting new people who can change life for the better. Though the best languages to learn are the ones that can positively impact your professional career as well. There is no much use in learning Church Slavonic or even artificial languages such as Quenya unless it is a favorite hobby. Dedicating time learning widely used languages is a more sensible thing to do.


Choose Among Most Spoken Languages In The World

Proper knowledge of the foreign language and subsequent obtaining valid certification opens multiple perspectives for linguistics-savvy people. Those who work in business, legal, medical, technological, and other specific fields often seek the best online translation services, so that people who know required language pairs can apply their knowledge, earn decent compensation, and make life easier for many other people by providing an efficient accurate translation of the needed text. The first step is to learn one more language apart from one’s native language.



You would not have read this text without the knowledge of English, but obtaining either degree or certification that proves your skills or brings them to the next level will add more opportunities. English became a common language in the entire world associated with business and international relations. Popular culture, IT sphere, and travel industry considerably rely on this language. Currently, it is one of the most popular languages in the world and if you aim at cooperation with the Western world countries, proper knowledge of this language is obligatory.


Mandarin Chinese

Multiple opportunities for employment as well as future life, in general, can be obtained upon deciding to add knowledge of the Chinese language’s Mandarin dialect into your resume. There are approximately 1 billion native speakers who speak exactly this dialect, and many of them may have good offers for you to change your life for the better. Global communication, as well as international business development, also needs people who know as many languages as possible, including Chinese. New possibilities can be found in every sphere that makes Chinese one of the best languages to learn.



Approximately 500 million people who consider Spanish native or acquired language and who live on three continents should be a good explanation of why the Spanish language is good to be learned. Seek for new opportunities in both South and North Americas along with Europe enjoying a beautiful flow of this distinct language meanwhile. Possessing Spanish language skills is a good reason for visiting the Mediterranean coast of Spain if you haven’t been there yet and enjoy the exciting culture and climate.

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Portugal used to be a country of traders and explorers as well as conquerors. Its past and centuries of assimilation in foreign lands resulted in the spread of the Portuguese language over four continents. Europe, all Latin America, and parts of Africa are open for you. There are roughly 250 million speakers who make knowledge of Portuguese valuable asset and put it among the most spoken languages in the world.



With more than 290 million native speakers not mentioning many second language learners, Arabic could be the best language to learn, taking into consideration the high economic potential of the region. Fuel industry and tourism are just a few spheres where one could apply knowledge of Arabic. Different countries, such as Saudi Arabia or Egypt, use different dialects so that considering preferable options would be wise. Given increasing international communication and business growth, checking the opportunity of employment in Arabic to English translation service might result in very lucrative cooperation.



Approximately 128 million native speakers are a good number to consider joining those who learn Japanese as a second language. Whether you decide to live in Japan, translate texts, or cooperate with Japanese businesses, knowledge of this ancient and beautiful language is not just useful – it is obligatory. Japan belongs to leaders of world economies so that available options for using newly obtained knowledge are immense in number and applicable spheres.



The question “what languages to learn?” should also consider what is the main purpose behind this decision. If you plan to live in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, or establish working or personal relationships with people from these countries, learning the German language is the only possible answer to the question above. Another reason for choosing this language could be the specific beauty of its grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. German people developed a distinctive culture that is worth admiring as well as peculiar national traits of character that are worth following. Approximately 100 million native speakers will provide enough opportunities for practice if you visit their country while learning its language.

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Do you consider moving to Canada or Switzerland? If so, knowledge of French may be either very beneficial or even obligatory depending on the exact territory. Apart from France itself, there are many other nice places where this language is widely used. The total number of people who know this language is more than 200 million. The country itself is among the top developed European states with a rich economic along with a cultural basis. Cooperation with French people would be challenging without knowing their language or hiring the best English to French translation services. Because they are proud of it and always try to promote it.



The next among the most important languages to learn is Hindi. It is the third most spoken language and has 322 million native speakers is definitely worth considering. Hindi is one of the official languages in India and knowing it will allow you to feel safe in almost all regions of this large country. It is a rather complicated language with strong influences from Sanskrit, Arabic, and Persian, which may serve as a challenge for those who want something special. Learning Hindi will open not only opportunities for cooperation with local people but also the possibility to learn the rich culture and history of the entire region in its native language.

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The availability of more than 77 million native speakers makes Korean rather widespread language even though you should consider only South Korea as the main focus. This is as difficult to learn as Chinese or Arabic so that it is suitable for people who like challenging tasks. Complexity opens additional perspectives since if you can master the Korean translation, you will have many additional options for applying your knowledge in the Western world as there are no many specialists who have done it, especially among translators. The technological and social development of South Korea creates a positive background for your future cooperation with native speakers.


Consider These Points Before Choosing Most Useful Languages to Learn

The number of native speakers should not be a defining factor in choosing a new language to get acquainted with. While there are some important languages such as English and your native language if it is not English, the choice of the next fields of study should be determined by certain factors:

  • The reasonable application taking into consideration a specific sphere where you intend to use new skills.
  • Usefulness for the future, unless you have enough time for learning new languages for general development instead of specific use.
  • Learning difficulty is important since if one needs to dedicate years and eventually gain only basic competence, investment of time and efforts might be inappropriate.
  • Personal preferences should be taken into consideration because if you don’t like the sound of the language, you will not apply enough effort and gain true proficiency.

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Benefits You Gain From Learning Languages

Once you obtain proficiency in several chosen languages, many possible ways of their application arise. From any personal purposes such as finding new friends abroad and communicating with them online to finding new employment options or improving current working conditions and opportunities. Even being employed by the best translation website and completing texts’ adaptations for your favorite target language may be both a financially and emotionally beneficial experience.


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