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Our company recently used this translation agency for localization, and we are deeply disappointed with the result. Despite their claims of localization experience, the quality of their translations was consistently below par. We encountered numerous inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the localized content, which negatively impacted our brand image. Project management was disorganized, with missed deadlines and poor communication. Our experience with this translation agency left us disappointed and questioning their professionalism. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend their services for localization given our unsatisfactory experience.


How can this service be trustworthy after what they did? The translations are of very low quality and contain numerous mistakes and inconsistencies. The staff is unresponsive and did not help me with my issue. Despite their promises to fix the situation, nothing was ever done to improve the quality of the translations. I would strongly recommend not using this service for any translation needs.


I've never seen such terrible service in my life.


The service is horrible. I have order a translation of birth certificate for the USICS submission on the 1st of May. They have promised to send the completed document the next day and charged me big. I have received the translation only 48 hours later and got no refund. This is scam!