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This company has destroyed my trust in their ability to provide accurate certified translations. The substandard work made me question their competence and commitment to quality. Not only did they overlook important details, but they also failed to comply with the necessary legal requirements. The errors and omissions in the translated documents jeopardized the entire purpose of the certification and my reputation. If you value the integrity of your certified documents, I urge you to turn to a more reliable translation agency than this.


I cannot recommend this translation service. The translations were inaccurate and poorly done, and the customer service was lacking. I feel that I wasted my time and money using this service and I warn others against using it.


Wasted a lot of my time on them and got nothing good in return.

Saskia Golden

Don’t think I will recommend them after the work they delivered and I'm sure they aren’t even expecting any referrals from me.


I will always rate them for their quality and accurate translations even though they slow most times


Working with them can be really easy. A plus side to using them is their amazing discount offers.


They were fast but not that good. Don’t trade quickness for quality

Will A.

They didn’t offer the service I wanted. They did something completely different from what I told them.

Wendy Mcknight

Book edited within the shortest time possible, but quality is not the greatest


this isn't my first time using you guys…but my first experience with you guys was much much better than this.

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