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The transcription turned into a complete failure. It is striking how many mistakes and inconsistencies there were in the final product. Despite the fact that it was stated that corrections were being made proactively, the errors were pronounced. This level of inaccuracy is simply unacceptable. The service may have been prompt, but the lack of attention to detail leaves much to be desired. I expected better and unfortunately I will not be recommending this company.


My experience with Altalang was a bit mixed. On one hand, the translation quality was decent, and they offered a variety of services that catered to my needs. However, I did encounter some difficulties with their customer support. While they were responsive, there were times when the communication was not as clear or prompt as I had hoped. Additionally, the pricing was a bit on the higher side compared to other similar services I have used. In terms of overall satisfaction, it was a satisfactory experience, but I believe there is room for improvement, especially in terms of customer service and pricing competitiveness.


I recently used Altalang for translation services, and my overall experience was average. While the translation quality was acceptable, there were a few errors that needed correction. The customer service was polite but not particularly attentive to my specific requirements. Additionally, the delivery of the translated documents was slightly delayed. I believe Altalang has the potential to improve its services with better attention to detail and timely deliveries. However, they do have a wide range of language options available, which is a plus. Overall, an average experience that could be enhanced with some improvements.