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Iona Gutierrez

you will think they could deliver until you actually hire them…they are a shit service and they never deliver quality


Wow. Wasn’t expecting it as fast as this. Lol. Thanks a lot though.


grateful for not exceeding my deadline


I thank your support team for their work, but an entire experience was less than peasant, sadly.

Nikki Trejo

Overall, your quality was average. I think I might not hire you guys again.


Nice design on your web page. Nothing else is nice, tho...


they were very good at translation once upon a time. But now all I get from them is mediocre translations. I'm done.


they waste time with their slow delivery.


they are best in spanish to english…not sure about other languages.


The customer service communicated clearly and they delivered my document on time. But I have to confess that I wasn’t too pleased with the quality they delivered

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