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Good service but has hard times completing your translation on time unless you constantly remind them that the due date is soon. Still, a good service, lifesavers!

Iona Gutierrez

you will think they could deliver until you actually hire them…they are a shit service and they never deliver quality


Wow. Wasn’t expecting it as fast as this. Lol. Thanks a lot though.


grateful for not exceeding my deadline


I thank your support team for their work, but an entire experience was less than peasant, sadly.

Nikki Trejo

Overall, your quality was average. I think I might not hire you guys again.


Nice design on your web page. Nothing else is nice, tho...


they were very good at translation once upon a time. But now all I get from them is mediocre translations. I'm done.


they waste time with their slow delivery.


they are best in spanish to english…not sure about other languages.

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