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I was on a time crunch and needed a translation service that could deliver fast and accurate results. This service seemed like a dream come true with its attractive website and flawless user interface. I was convinced that they would make the translation process easy and effortless. But unfortunately, the reality did not meet my expectations. The translations clearly lacked the subtleties and linguistic nuances I had hoped for. I felt that I had lost the opportunity to elevate the original text and truly convey its essence. Because of this, I had to look for alternative options.


I was very disappointed with the quality of the translation I received from the service I had used recently. There were many mistakes and inconsistencies in the translation and it was clear that the translator had not taken the time to understand the nuances of the language. The end result was a barely comprehensible translation that I definitely could not use for something important. It was frustrating to spend money on something that was done so poorly and I wouldn't recommend this service to anyone.


The translations I received from this service were not only rife with errors, but also lacked the certain level of professionalism that I expected. The customer service was helpless and indifferent, and it was clear that they do not value their customer satisfaction. I would not use this service again.


There's not much to commend them for, the translation wasn't of the best quality.


Good service but has hard times completing your translation on time unless you constantly remind them that the due date is soon. Still, a good service, lifesavers!

Iona Gutierrez

you will think they could deliver until you actually hire them…they are a shit service and they never deliver quality


Wow. Wasn’t expecting it as fast as this. Lol. Thanks a lot though.


grateful for not exceeding my deadline


I thank your support team for their work, but an entire experience was less than peasant, sadly.

Nikki Trejo

Overall, your quality was average. I think I might not hire you guys again.

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