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Although I initially had a positive impression of this translation service, my recent experience has left me somewhat disappointed. The customer support was friendly and helpful during the ordering process, but unfortunately, they failed to deliver the translation within the agreed-upon deadline. Furthermore, the quality of the translation was subpar, with noticeable inaccuracies and inconsistencies throughout the document. While I acknowledge that no service is perfect, the combination of missed deadline and low-quality translation has left me hesitant to use their services again in the future.


I recently used a translation service for my documents and I must say that it was an interesting experience. They didn't quite hit the mark with the translation, but they managed to make me laugh. Although it was frustrating to get a wrong translation, I couldn't help but laugh at the funny results. Their team was quick to respond to comments and made efforts to correct mistakes quickly. So, although it wasn't the most accurate translation, it definitely added a touch of humor to my studies.


I was impressed with the variety of translation services available on this service. The process of choosing a service that met my needs was easy, and I was able to get started on the project quickly. However, the quality of translations was inconsistent: some were excellent, while others were barely comprehensible. I had to spend a lot of time editing and correcting the translations, which was frustrating.


My translations were generally accurate. There were a few points where translations could have been improved, but overall I was pleased with the results. I liked that the customer service was friendly and helpful, and I appreciated the timely communication.


I expected a more accurate translation from them, they never had a problem with it before


The translation was good, no doubt about that, but it took longer than we had agreed beforehand.


I am satisfied with the translator's work, the only thing that confused me was the price


The translation was more or less okay, but there were problems with the deadline


These guys do a great delivery and provide nice quality. prices can be bitey sometimes tho


Day translations are pretty good. use them from time to time and never disappoint.

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