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because I had to return the translated article several times as I found many grammatical errors in the text, I received the finished work one day late

Clarissa Burks

For the short amount I gave them, they performed ok

Poppy Rose Douglas

We appreciate you guys for always helping our business and making our services available to foreign customers.


I'm pretty disappointed in you guys


They are fast and we depend on them for quality translations.


in terms of pricing, they consider the low income population and I appreciate that.


I can't continue using your service. it will be a great loss for my business.. I have to find a better translation agency to continue helping me.

Eren Draper

So many things were done right and so many things were also wrong. for instance they didn’t charge much but the number of errors and mistranslations in the work they did was so disappointing.


I commend only their support staff. They are friendly and responsive.


Overall, I was satisfied with the work they did. I'd have loved it if they delivered the documents back to me on the agreed date.

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