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They don’t bring much to the table. using them can be really so tiring.

Leilani Suarez

If you want certified translations look somewhere else.


The translators doesn’t understand German


I hope it made sense to you. Treating your customer like shit, I hope that makes sense to you. I blame myself though, for hiring you people. i paid and did all I needed to yet it's my fault that you couldn’t deliver on deadline day. You people don't relate well with clients and you should be ashamed of yourselves


They promised me to translate the documents in a week or so because I needed them quick. How wrong was I to trust them - they translated them after an entire month!

Eamon Plant

I don’t think anyone should hire them again. They are below standard.


You guys are levels below the standard of a professional translation agency. You need to be better.


thanks. Although there were few errors but still…thanks.


They were not flexible with their pricing. Had to stop using them because the cost was getting too much for me..


good company, price is good.

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