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They promised me to translate the documents in a week or so because I needed them quick. How wrong was I to trust them - they translated them after an entire month!

Eamon Plant

I don’t think anyone should hire them again. They are below standard.


You guys are levels below the standard of a professional translation agency. You need to be better.


thanks. Although there were few errors but still…thanks.


They were not flexible with their pricing. Had to stop using them because the cost was getting too much for me..


good company, price is good.


The pricing was great, the turnaround was okay but the quality could be better. Can't recommend them. I hoped for a better outcome guys!!


More work on the quality and probably the turnaround. Though their pricing system is not bad. But for me the quality is TOP priority...


It was not big surprise when I saw the awful quality they delivered. The delivery time was also poor, I didn’t get the transcriptions delivered to me until a day after deadline...