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Our company recently engaged the services of JR Language Translation for our localization needs. While their team displayed professionalism and timely communication, we were left somewhat disappointed with the quality of the translations. Though they were generally accurate, we encountered a few instances of inconsistencies and minor errors that required additional proofreading on our end. Despite this setback, JR Language Translation was receptive to our feedback and made prompt revisions to rectify the issues. While we appreciate their willingness to address concerns, we would have preferred more precise translations initially. We believe JR Language Translation has potential but needs to improve their attention to detail.


I thought I had found a service that seemed reliable and efficient. However, the experience was the opposite. The translations were full of mistakes and inaccuracies, and it was obvious that the translator did not understand the context and terminology well. This led not only to confusion and delays in my work, but also a waste of valuable time and resources. I would not recommend this service to anyone.


Are there really professionals working here? I have a hunch that they do translations through an ordinary online translator.


not a very good service. Their customer support is nice and the quality is okay but they have a tendency to deliver your work at THE LAST MINUTE. So if you want to avoid stress, just find something better…


I commend how they make themselves available at unbelievable hours and how they’re always willing to help. I will always count them as a translation service that I can rely on doubt.


To be frank, you get what you pay for from them everytime. The only thing is that they delay a lot and they give excuses for their delays instead of apologies


As expected, they delivered before deadline.


I don't think it's possible being even more slow on translating a one-page paper


They did an ok job


Not such a reliable service

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