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The translation of my college application turned into a complete failure. The lack of experience and attention to detail is immediately apparent in the poorly translated documents. Important sections were translated incorrectly, and the overall sequence and flow of the document was disrupted. It was frustrating to see all my hard work and efforts come down to a poor translation. If you value the success of your college application, I recommend that you use a more competent and reliable translator.


A couple of days ago, I received a translation from this service that I was very disappointed with. Although the grammar and sentence structure seemed fine, the overall tone of the translation was completely wrong. I immediately realized that the translator didn't really understand the context or the tone I was trying to convey, and as a result, the translation didn't make sense. I had to spend a lot of time corresponding with the service to get them to correct the translation, which was a huge waste of time and money.


I didn't even get an apology from them for making a bad translation and screwing up the deadline


I'd rather look for another service, I don't like it at all.


I'll like a refund. I want a refund

Kade Cole

it was totally unexpected but they showed how unprofessional they were throughout my dealings with them.


Wasn’t expecting them to miss my deadline twice. It's honestly unprofessional enough at all.


They didn’t even do the job properly

Mischa Melendez

Y'all are just wicked. You took my money yet you fail to send the transcript. It's so unfair…


Can't and won't accept this. Please redo it. Thanks

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