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I tried my best to choose the best service, but I was deeply disappointed. This translation service fell short of my expectations in every aspect. The level of translation was extremely poor, with numerous errors and distortions in the text. It is very disappointing to rely on a service that claims to be the best and get a result that is far from satisfactory. I won't repeat this mistake and will look for more reliable and competent translation services in the future, and I recommend you do the same.


Getting to know this service was a real adventure for me. They messed up my translation so badly that it took me a while to realize it was my translation. It was like a scene unfolded before my eyes. If you're looking for a translation company that adds a lot of stress to your translation, this is the one that will definitely tickle your fancy.


When it comes to translation services for mobile app localization, accuracy is critical. I was disappointed with the translation service I used because the translations were riddled with errors and inaccuracies, which impacted the user experience of my app. Despite multiple rounds of revisions, I wasn't satisfied with the final result.


I commend how they make themselves available at unbelievable hours and how they’re always willing to help. I will always count them as a translation service that I can rely on doubt.


The video transcript was done well. T


Had more jobs for them but the way they handled my trial document wasn’t nice. I'm not sure about them


They only sent me half a work…

Emanuel Wells

Not so great as people say


I had like couple of sentences that needed PERFECT translation, and they did ok, but it did cost me a pretty penny

Tom Jennings

I did not planned to hire again. Did a wrong translation for me. Not good site

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