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They quickly took up my project, which initially gave me high hopes. Unfortunately, the subsequent process did not meet expectations. After placing the order, I faced constant delays and communication problems. Despite promising to complete the order within a reasonable time frame, they kept missing deadlines, which caused frustration and disrupted my plans. Although the final translation of my project was correct, the overall experience was marred by unprofessionalism and unreliable service.


I was looking for a translation service that could help me translate a research paper that I had written in another language. I chose a service that boasted about its experienced translators and quality assurance processes. However, when I received the translated document, I was disappointed to find that it did not meet my expectations. While the translation was technically accurate, it lacked the nuance and style of the original document. The translation felt mechanical and lacked the finesse that is necessary for academic writing. Additionally, there were some formatting errors, which made the document difficult to read. I was disappointed that I had to spend additional time and money to revise the document and make it suitable for submission.


The translations were simply disgusting. They were full of mistakes and cultural misunderstandings. The customer service was unresponsive to my questions and dismissive when I tried to solve my problems. I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone.


How long do I have to wait for a trannsfer? Do you have any ides? As if I have nothing else todo and have to keep reminding you that you are 6.5 hours past your deadline...


Their prices don't quite match the quality


I had some comments about the translation, but they fixed it


the translation is not professional, I doubt it was done by a person.


I don't think I'll be using thiss service again. They are not up to par with perfect service.


Nice service, thank you very much! Saved me a good time cracking that Japanese document :)


These are okay… nothing over the top, which is good. Their customer service is a bit slow but easy to talk to. the quality is not good but satisfactory enough…

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