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Using their services is always a delight. I think their high charges is the only negative thing about them

Mel Wade

It's not the first time I used their services and the first time was amazing, everything was perfect, however the last time it was the complete opposite. So maybe it's just not all of the people that work here are good at what they do?

Megan Collins

translators here lack professionalism.

Alex D

I feel you guys deserve just a star for your poor quality but I won't do it because I ain't evil. And that doesn’t mean I plan to use you guys again.


I was willing to give 5 star but i can’t now.


They lacked accuracy in translation so what's the point


their turnaround is the only thing that is bad everything else is decent.


I got a discount offer on the fee I paid. But I wish they had delivered the highest level of accuracy on their translation.

Alisher Markus

Happy with the quality but I have to voice out how displeased I am with your translator. Dude talked like I owed him and he wasn’t respectful at all. I paid a lot for the work he did so I deserve to be treated better..


The turnaround was very good.

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