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I recently had the misfortune of entrusting my translation needs to Protranslating, and let me tell you, it was like a horror movie. Their so-called "translations" were filled with errors and nonsensical sentences. It was as if they had hired somebody who was not a professional translator. If you want to go to a horror movie, contact Protranslating Translation Agency. But if you really need an accurate translation, run as far away as you can!


I had high hopes for the translation service, but in the end I was disappointed. The translations were of poor quality and lacked the attention to detail I had hoped for. The customer service was also at a low level: long response times and helpless support.


Half of the document was perfectly translated, but the other half was of questionable quality. I had the impression that several people had translated my documents.


I can't understand why they had to add extra stuff, couldn't they have translated it exactly as it was written in the original?


These guys are pros alright. take their work seriously. if only their customer support was a bit faster…


They rushed my work and didn’t do it well. I like the discount but I wish the outcome was better


Instead of saying 'yes it's my bad, let me fix it' They started to blame me for not understanding how translations work.

Lesley Watkins

Iffy translation from start to finish.

Thierry Lamb

No complaints at all, they delivered…


I had no choice but to use you else I wouldn’t have… you guys aren’t really good in this translation thing.

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