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Mariana Norris

they don’t give their best most times…


They get some and miss some when making translations.not 100%


When it comes to efficiency, I've seen and used agencies better than them. But I commend their turnaround, they work fast.


I didn’t notice a chat option when I was trying to hire them. If I did, I'd have explained things better and how urgent i wanted my documents translated. They didn't do what I expected of them honestly.the formatting was wrong. So many things were wrong. i need a revision please.


Not bad quality. The files were well translated thanks :)

Marian H.

I have to confess that I wasn’t too pleased with them delivering my document a day after deadline. But they did great though, overall.


the work they did was okay tbh, I didn’t expect much for the fee they charged. I found a few errors and that’s it.

Oda B.

I’ve used better services than this. Won’t hire them again after the mediocre work they did.


I haven't enjoyed the services overall


The turn around time was great but the price wasn’t that fair. Good job though.

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