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It's clear that this translation service relies heavily on machine translation, as evidenced by the numerous mistakes found in the simple web page translation I received.


I thought using a translation service would make things easier, but how wrong I was! I sent my documents, and when I got them back, they looked like they had been put through a blender. The sentences were jumbled and the words were jumbled together. I mean, it was funny to read at first, but then I realized I had to turn it in for a grade. I ended up spending more time correcting the translation than if I had done it myself. I think I learned my lesson.


I was tasked with finding a translation service for urgent documents for my company, and unfortunately, the service I chose turned out to be a complete disaster. The translated documents were full of errors and inconsistencies, which not only caused confusion but also embarrassment in front of our international clients. Customer service was unresponsive and unhelpful, leaving us in a very difficult situation. This experience made me seriously question the reliability of translation services, and I strongly advise others to exercise caution when choosing a translation service for their business needs.


This translation service was an absolute nightmare. The translations were full of mistakes and inaccuracies that made them almost useless. When I tried to contact the customer service, I was met with silence and total lack of response. I do not recommend this service to anyone.


I was completely disappointed with the translation services I received. The translations were full of mistakes and misprints and it was obvious that the translators didn't have a firm grasp of the source language. The customer service was even more disappointing. They were unresponsive to my questions and rude when I tried to solve my problems. I highly do not recommend using this service.


if I knew what kind of service they were, I would not contact them


It seemed to me that they wanted to fool me and swindle more money out of me. but I'm not stupid.


What's the point of taking on a translation if the translator doesn't speak Japanese???


I'm just shocked... Am I so lucky, or am I the only one who got such a terrible translation?


I felt I shouldn't have come here.... the translation turned out to be rubbish. This is what happens when you make a decision in a hurry.

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