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It is difficult for me to rate them after the poor quality they delivered. it is just unacceptable from a professional agency.


my french papers wasn’t translated accurately. Found a lot of mistranslations in it and it’s just unacceptable. I gave a clear instruction and I made it known that if the work doesn’t meet my satisfaction then I'll demand a refund.. So yeah, I need my refund....


Disappointed with the work they did. I needed my documents in Italian translated to English and they couldn’t make it happen. It's a waste of money and time for me as I have no choice but to hire another company.

Jack K.

The fee they charged really surprised me. It was small, but the quality was not good enough.


They failed to meet the deadline


Certainly the worst translation site out there. I found a lot of errors on the work they did.


Okay support, disgusting quality

Kaitlyn B.

Translated the first page accurately, but then its all errors and mistranslation in the remaining pages.


Not bad but I wasn’t satisfied.