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I had previously relied on Google Translate for my translation needs, but decided to try this service based on the positive reviews. The translations were noticeably better and more accurate than Google Translate. I was even more impressed by the affordable price of their services. This is a great option for those on a budget. Although there were still some minor issues with the translations, overall I am satisfied with the service and will continue to use it for my translation needs.


I am a person who values accuracy and precision, especially when it comes to translations. As a student with a deep appreciation for language and culture, I often find myself in need of reliable translation services. So when I came across this particular translation service, I was cautious. First of all, the user interface of the platform was clear, which allowed me to easily upload my documents and specify the required language pair. The process was straightforward and I appreciated the transparency in terms of pricing and delivery times. It's always nice to know exactly what you're getting into. As for the quality of the translation, it was generally accurate, captured the essence of the original text and preserved its original meaning. However, I did come across a few instances where the translations seemed a bit inaccurate. While the overall accuracy of the translation is commendable, there were a few minor errors that caught my attention. As someone with a keen eye for detail, these discrepancies caught my attention. However, I realize that translation is a complex task, and even the most experienced translators can make mistakes. Although there were a few minor hiccups in the process, the overall quality and customer support was satisfactory.


I needed to translate my mobile app into multiple languages, and I appreciated the scalability of the translation service I used. The service made it easy to manage and coordinate translations into different languages, which saved me a lot of time and effort. However, I found that the quality of translations varied greatly depending on the language, which frustrated me.


I used this translation company for a business project and found the translations to be satisfactory. Although there were some mistakes, overall the translations were accurate and met my needs. The customer service responded promptly to my questions and concerns, and I appreciated the level of professionalism.


mistakes in translation were made, but they were not fatal


actually the translation is not bad, but still work on the speed a little bit


They didn't take their time with the delivery, thanks for a normal translation at least.


the service itself is pretty good, but they also have some disadvantages such as high prices


yea, the delivery is quick but for the money, I paid I expected a more creative translation. not horrible or bad but still a bit dry in my opinion.


This is a pretty good service for their price. Got my Japanese to English pretty quickly and everything was coherent. So, I'm happy with it :)

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