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I asked them to translate a couple of pages of a document from English to Polish for my relative. Even though I grew up in Poland, I had a hard time with translation, so I decided to hire them. I clearly communicated my need for translation and they agreed to the schedule. However, when they showed the final result, it was kind of "expectation-reality". The translation was full of mistakes, although I don't speak Polish now, but I can read it. It's a shame to see a supposedly "expert" translation service suffer such a miserable collapse. Don't count on them if you need a Polish translation.


Our company recently used this translation agency and, unfortunately, we were not satisfied with the overall experience. Despite initial promises of accuracy and reliability, we have encountered numerous instances of inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the translated documents. The lack of attention to detail and inability to capture the nuances of our industry terminology hindered effective communication with our international partners. In addition, the response time to our issues was unsatisfactory, and we were disappointed with the level of customer support provided. Unfortunately, our experience with this service did not meet our expectations.


I had a lot of expectations on this translation service, but in the end I was disappointed. The translations were of bad quality and full of mistakes, and the customer service was unresponsive and unhelpful. It was a waste of time and money.


I'm sorry, but is anyone going to pay me back at all? I'm sick of waiting...


I was reprimanded at work by my boss because I found a bad translation service that could not do a quality translation of documents


Very bad translation, it's not worth the money I paid them


The service is terrible! The prices are overpriced, the translation is lousy!


I was very disappointed that when the deadline was approaching, they would include a fool. That's not very good...


TBH, this is a very overrated service. they might be fast but their prices aren't worth the quality they provide back…


It's crazy I fell for their online ratings…they don’t tell the true story.they're actually very slow with their turnaround but no one said anything about that.

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