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It's crazy I fell for their online ratings…they don’t tell the true story.they're actually very slow with their turnaround but no one said anything about that.


Their quality needs a lot of work. They don’t use machine assistant but maybe they should.


Hired them for some rounds of translations on my documents and they did well throughout. I appreciate the quick delivery. But I would have loved if their prices were more flexible


They claimed to have carried out editing and proofreading checks on my documents but I'm sure it's all lies. Because it’s impossible for an edited or proofread document to contain the number of errors i noticed in their translation


Can't say I am pleased with the work. They called themselves experts and that they could work a report for me to Spanish but they didn’t do it well.


They say a lot of nice words but the work they do doesn't seem as good as their promises.

Gomes Rodríguez

Fue difícil encontrarle sentido a su traducción.

Peter Monroe

A promise and fail site.


Honestly, i am becoming tired of you guys. You never get anything done right.


The certified translation didn’t meet me on time. It was delivered 2 days after deadline. Not good enough if you ask me.

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