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Unfortunately, I cannot give this service a glowing review. The website was incredibly complicated to navigate, and it took me a significant amount of time just to place my order. The ordering process should be seamless and user-friendly, but that was not the case here. However, I must commend the support team for their assistance. They were helpful in guiding me through the process and resolving my issues. Overall, I would rate this service a 3 out of 5, primarily due to the frustrating website experience.


this service was a complete disappointment. The customer service was completely disappointing, the staff was unfriendly and dismissive. I will not use this service again.


Did you really translate my paper into Portuguese? It doesn't sound very much like Portuguese.


you thought i wouldn't reread what i got?! you were wrong! i found many inaccuracies in the translation... what were you looking at?


Overall, the customer service are attentive and responsive. They solve problem and not create one. The translators also work smart too. I appreciate their quality all-round.


I am really grateful to the team that worked on my project. They literally translated my vision to reality and so I'm grateful!

Nadeem Doherty

Your translator knows nothing about French. It’s so unfortunate that I was tricked into hiring someone who is not fluent in French


I don’t know if I should commend them or not but they weren't quick with their services at all. They're accurate but very poor at meeting deadlines.


The price was really okay and I'm pleased with the translation. I scanned through the document and I didn’t find errors in the translations


It's cheaper than other services, but you get what you pay for

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