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I was looking for translators who could truly convey the essence of the original text and evoke the right emotions. However, my experience with this service was unfortunately disappointing. Although some translations hit the right emotional notes, there were many cases where the emotional impact was lost or detached. It is very disappointing when the subtleties of emotion are not fully conveyed, as it reduces the overall impact of the translated work. I would hope that in the future, this service will prioritize more consistent and authentic emotional resonance in their translations.


I had a really terrible experience with the urgent text translation service I used for my studies. Despite paying extra for the rush service, I received my translated document over two hours past the promised deadline. This caused me to miss an important submission deadline for my class, and I was unable to complete the assignment on time. Furthermore, the translation was of very poor quality, with numerous mistakes in grammar and sentence structure. I had to spend a significant amount of time fixing the errors myself, which defeated the purpose of paying for the service in the first place.


The translations I received from this service were of poor quality and full of errors, making them difficult to use. When I contacted the customer service for help, I received a dismissive and unhelpful response. Overall, a disappointing experience.


the translation is of very low quality...advise someone to get a normal translation service


I asked them to translate me a coyple of pages of my documents as a matter of urgecny, but they said they only work on a first-come, first-served basis and I had to look for another service


They tried 2 times to redo the translaiton and never succeeded. I don't think they have a chance anymore.


They definitely have a problem with speed.


This site is okay, thank you! Got my translation on time and it was alright.


They have a lot of limitations and they kinda pricey


They lack the level of professionalism that's to be expected from top translation agencies

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