Technical Translation Services

Technical Translation Services

Technical writing. It involves crafting documents or guides that are used in highly specialized fields – IT, engineering, medicine, engineering, electronics, biotechnology, etc. 

Writing technical documents in a native language is difficult and requires individuals with a deep understanding of the field and its terminology. Consider, for example, the instructions for the use of a complicated medical device, or the civil engineering plans for the building of a 10-story building. Or how about the instructions for the installation of a specific piece of machinery in a factory – one that will be operated by a human. Errors in these types of documents can actually put lives at risk.

Technical writers must get it right.

Service Description Pricing Ranking Visit site
The Word Point This agency provides detailed explanations of its translation services, and it is obvious that they have been doing this for quite some time. They understand the potential need for several technical translators in various languages, as well as the levels of expertise required in each technical area. They use only humans for their technology translation services and have a large staff of technical translators throughout the world. Client reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and the company’s reputation is stellar. $0.10 per word 5.0 Visit site
Morningside Translations With nearly 20 years in the translation business, Morningside Translations has developed a solid process for technical translations, using a combination of technology software that has developed a glossary of technical terminology in over 100 languages and worldwide technology experts who are native to target languages. This combination results in accuracy and high levels of client satisfaction. $45 per page 3.8 Visit site
One Hour Translation Over its 11 years in the translation industry, One Hour Translation has amassed a team of over 8,000 translators, all of whom have specialties, including the translation of technical documents. As a technical translation agency, Morningside has an impressive list of highly satisfied clients. $0.08 per word 3.7 Visit site
Trans Perfect This agency has over 20 years of presence in the translation industry, and, during that time, has developed a great reputation because of the clients it has served. In terms of technical translations, this agency ensures that only translators with expertise in specific fields are assigned to projects, often a team of such individuals in order to ensure that accuracy is fully met. We are impressed with the client list and their reviews/testimonials, including those in need of complex and challenging scientific translation services.  $0.25 per word 3.5 Visit site
Language Line Language Line offers a bit different model in the translation industry. While they provide translation services (including work as a technical translation agency), they also focus on providing organizations with the education and training of their in-house translators and interpreters. With thousands of technical translation experts around the globe, Language Line matches client needs and expertise, providing a customized approach to technical translations needs. $2.20 per minute 3.4 Visit site

Now consider that these documents and guides must be translated into a foreign language. The challenge for getting them right has just been magnified many times over. 

Technical translations are not like normal translations. They require not just natives of the target language. They require specialists with intimate knowledge of the technical field and a full understanding of the terminology involved in those fields. 

Anyone who has a need for technical document translation services will have to be very careful about the individual or technical translation service they choose to use. 

Is Accurate has researched and evaluated a large number of agencies that offer translation services for technical documents. We have used very specific criteria, including a thorough investigation of the technical translators and other resources that they use, along with the reviews, feedback, and comments of their technical translation clients. 

We have evaluated the technical translation services of these agencies and rated them so that those in need of such services have an objective and factual summary of the quality they provide. 

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